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Get a Growing Medical Card Online

Get Your HappyMD Growing Medical Cannabis Card Today - Only $159 / year

100% Online Tele-Medicine Visits!

- Are you 18 or older?

- Are you seeking cannabis for pain, anxiety, arthritis, back pain, poor sleep or a medical issue improved with cannabis?

- Do you want to grow your own Cannabis medicine at home for personal use?

If you answered yes, you are a candidate!

Yes, you can qualify today & you should apply now! 


The Easy Process to Getting your Growing Medical Cannabis Card Online

1. Fill out the form below - to connect with with a licensed MMJ doctor.

2. Fill out the medical forms, the HappyMD Doctors Clinic will contact you for your medical evaluation.

3. Complete your MMJ Evaluation and Get your Medical Cannabis Card Today $49, get your medical card pdf emailed immediately!

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