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About HappyMD

HappyMD says: We Can All Use Some Happy Right Now!

HappyMD.org is here to remind us to Be Happy!  

We can choose Happy or let others, the news, social media get us into negative and/or fearful mindset.

The word Happy is  high vibration, high energy word.  There is an art to being happy.

Whenever you look at your HappyMD recommendation - you'll consciously remember to remain in a high vibration, positive outlook mentality. Repeated use & visualization of high vibration words - like Happy - can also help to raise your vibration on a subconscious level! 

How HappyMD helps patients

HappyMD is a 100% online medical card evaluations - legit - hassle-free process to get your medical cannabis card to become a medical patient in your state. The simple process is easy and fast so you can get your medical marijuana card the same day, from your own couch so you can visit a local dispensary.

We are 100% Legit – Licensed by The CA Medical Board

The California Medical Board requires ALL medical clinics to maintain a  fictitious name permit (FNP). Here's HappyMD's FNP.

Search for yourself on the California Medical Board Website: https://search.dca.ca.gov/

HappyMD Guarantee -  You're Getting the Highest Quality & Most Legitimate Evaluation service for a medical card online!

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Online & Get Your Happy!

1. Sign up online

2 See the doctor online

3 Get your medical card pdf immediately and the paper rec instantly texted and emailed.

Want to Get Your MMJ Card?

1. Fill out the medical form
2. Talk to a doctor on video visit
3. Get your medical card pdf immediately, paper copy mailed

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