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Posted 02/12/2020 in Health

6 Best Strains of Medical Marijuana for Getting Better Sleep

6 Best Strains of Medical Marijuana for Getting Better Sleep

Explore Medical Marijuana Strains for Improving your Sleep

Insomnia is frustrating and could impact one’s life if not controlled. This is a condition in which an individual suffers severe loss of sleep even when tired and in need of sleep. Lack of sleep could wear out your body and may create room for other conditions, so the most suitable thing to do is to look for a way to treat insomnia immediately symptoms manifest.

One of the most reliable solutions available that insomniacs can use to induce sleep is medical marijuana. This has been proved to work and many people across the world are gaining from the benefits of cannabis. Just get the best indica strain for sleepand your problems will be sorted.

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Before you get to learn about some of the best edibles for sleep, it is also good to learn how cannabis reacts to help you achieve better sleep. Research has shown that the endocannabinoid system in the human body contributes largely in one getting sleep, and this is the system that CBD and THC also interact with.

A 2012 study hinted that the reason people suffer from insomnia is because of abnormalities in endocannabinoid system. Cannabis showed a good response towards rectifying these abnormalities and it is the reason you will fall asleep within minutes after taking the best pure indica for insomnia.

Cannabis and sleep cycle

Besides helping you fall asleep faster, indica or sativa for sleep will also affect the actual sleep cycle. Marijuana boosts stage 3 sleep and minimizes lighter REM sleep. Stage 3 sleep has been classified as the best solution for patients suffering from sleep deprivation while REM (dreams happen in this cycle) sleep is light sleep, so having less REM sleep you will likely sleep longer and get less dreams. Reducing REM sleep has also shown to help improve memory while also working to reduce the symptoms of depression.

Sativa vs indica

might now be wondering which way to go between sativa and indica when your focus is sleep induction. Sativa strains are generally more energizing and have a heady effect because they commonly have high THC levels, so could easily get a bit spacey. Choosing indica could help you enjoy much better sleep as it is known to induce body-centered stoned effect, and this is largely because it contains more CBD than THC. Indica, therefore, is able to induce and maintain sleep longer.

What are the best strains of medical marijuana for inducing sleep?

1. Harlequin

Harlequin is among the best edibles for sleepthat you could try out. This is a hybrid strain that contains 75% sativa that is also high in CBD. The CBD to THC ration stands at 5:2 and besides giving you good sleep, harlequin also helps to relieve pain, depression, anxiety, and stress. Although dominantly a sativa strain, it has good calming properties that are ideal for insomniacs. It works perfectly for people who are facing anxiety driven insomnia.

2. A-10

A-10 is another indica sleep aidthat you could try. It comes with high levels of THC and some CBD content. A-10 is known for its properties that help in the treatment of chronic pain, it reduces anxiety, and helps to numb migraines. The fact that it contains high amounts of THC makes it perfect for inducing sleep, while its CBD content ensures you stay asleep longer. It is potent and its effects are long lasting, which makes it perfect for nighttime sleep.

3. Big Bud

This is a strong indica strain that grows with big buds, hence the name. The buds contain a potent dose of CBD that helps to make your eyes feel heavier in minutes. It offers a good option when you need indica for sleep that will induce you to sleep faster. It can knock you out in few minutes and the effect is lasting, so you can get a whole night of peace.

4. Afghan Kush

You could also go for Afghani Indicas, which are famous due to their heavy body-focused effect on the user. Afghan Kush belongs to this category and anchors your body to sleep within minutes. It is also perfect when you want to get rid of pain and get rid of anxious thoughts. It basically calms you and focuses your body to one duty: sleep.

5. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a Kush and Bubble Gum hybrid that contains low amounts of THC, on average 16%. It gives a strong body-high that is induced by CBD and the result is a relaxing and almost numbing feeling. It not only gives you good cbn for sleep, but will also help to clear your mind.

6. Pound Hammer

Some of the properties of Pound Hammer include its ability to quiet the mind and reduce anxiety. If you get frantic thoughts that disrupt your sleep, you should try this out as it comes as a perfect choice that will mute the self talk and get you asleep in few minutes.

Where can I buy medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana can be bought from any certified dispensary in your area that stocks the different strains you might need. Most of them have supplies of the best strains you could get for various purposes.

Do I need a medical card to buy medical marijuana?

Yes, you still need a medical marijuana card in California 2018 to buy medical marijuana. Although you can now buy marijuana without a card following the legalization of recreational marijuana, a card gives you a number of benefits.

A medical card in California will save you from paying taxes that are charged to recreational users, and you can be assured you will not be harassed by police if you are found carrying marijuana. You can buy your cbd tincture for sleep with your card without any fear as you are protected as a patient to consume and carry marijuana.


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