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Can You Get an MMJ Card With No Medical Issue

Can You Get an MMJ Card With No Medical Issue

Is it Possible to Get an MMJ Card With No Medical Issue

Having a licensed physician is key to finding a medical marijuana card. Experts reveal a varying process of getting the practitioner’s certification, from physician to physician and state-to-state. However, many individuals have been wondering how to get an MMJ card without a qualifying condition. Before understanding how you can get the MMJ card with a qualifying condition, let’s look at what is an MMJ card and its benefits:


What is a Medical Marijuana Card?


Medical marijuana or cannabis card is a special identification card that patients use to purchase and possess medical marijuana legally. In most states, authorities and physicians use this card to treat various physical and mental illnesses. Remember, before receiving the MMJ card, you must have a medical marijuana recommendation. Afterward, you apply to the state authorities and pay the fees or consider telemedicine platforms. Different states have varying state policies and laws on the process of getting your MMJ card.


Benefits of an MMJ Card


Most studies reveal that medical cannabis offers a proven and positive impact on various illnesses, ranging from mental health issues to cardiovascular, etc. However, most state authorities require you to have a medical cannabis card to enjoy legal possession and purchase of these products. Let’s look at the benefits of acquiring this card:


Enhances possession of higher limits


With states yet to legalize recreational marijuana, getting a medical marijuana card will help you possess more marijuana. Getting the MMJ card allows you to legally possess up to eight ounces instead of the one ounce for recreational users. Thus, the card allows you to enjoy more possession limits without legal issues.




Authorities allow you to purchase cannabis products at lower prices using the MMJ card. These prices are lower as most states waive taxes on medical marijuana products, resulting in a lower price tag. Studies show that most states charge up to 37% tax on recreational marijuana, making it expensive to purchase without a card.


Allows Cultivation of marijuana


Most states allow medical marijuana cardholders to cultivate several stems, which enhances the convenience of getting the products. Despite the restriction of cultivation in most states, planting your marijuana helps you save costs and get these products conveniently.


Lower the age limit


Most state laws only allow individuals above 21 years to access recreational marijuana legally. However, an MMJ card allows even minors to access these products for their medical purposes. When applying for the card, the authorities allow a space where minors can use caregivers to purchase and possess the drugs on their behalf.




Allows access to marijuana products with high THC content


Studies reveal that you may require more potent cannabis products to get your desired results when dealing with chronic pains. Having this card allows you to purchase products with high THC content. Besides alleviating the conditions, choosing high-content THC cannabis products also saves costs.


Offers legal protection


You can avoid getting into the wrong side of the law by having a valid MMJ card. The card gives you the legal right to purchase and possess medical marijuana products. Furthermore, it may protect residential homes or workplaces when you fail a drug test.


Can You Get an MMJ Card Without a Qualifying Condition?


The different states with an MMJ program have specific qualifying conditions for the card. Despite the similarities in some of the conditions, the conditions vary widely. For instance, Oklahoma and California authorities allow doctors to decide whether the patient qualifies for the MMJ card. In contrast, other states like Missouri outlines an extensive list of qualifying conditions and provides physicians with leeway for interpreting the patient’s MMJ need. Lastly, other states provide strict guidelines on specific conditions.


States like California allow some approved physicians to prescribe medical cannabis. However, in states having rigorous MMJ programs, the authorities recognize some doctors who can prescribe the medication regardless of your medical history as they’re your medical record authors.


HappyMD allows you to receive your medical marijuana card in the comfort of your house. The platform uses a HIPAA-compliant MMJ platform & process, board-certified marijuana practitioners. More than 50000 patients are happy to receive these trusted programs. You start the process by booking an appointment online.


How to Get Your MMJ Card Without a Qualifying Condition?


You should never give up on your MMJ card application and processing after one pass based on the qualifying conditions.


Experts reveal that we’ve got three common symptoms everyone is likely to suffer or experience at a given point or stage in our lives. These basic symptoms include:


● Anxiety


● Pain


● Insomnia


These symptoms may affect the quality and result in debilitating effects if they become chronic. Thus, seeking relief or treatment will be vital, presenting the best chance to have medical cannabis recommendations.


Remember that most MMJ qualifying conditions have at least one of these qualifying conditions. For instance, chronic pain and anxiety are common in most debilitating conditions.


Among debilitating symptoms, chronic pain is the common symptom that a physician would want to see in your medical document. For instance, the physicians will want to understand if you have had any earlier diagnostic tests or procedures when having severe back pain. You can also consider the writer's cramp qualifying condition list. Treatment includes physical therapy, heating pads, routine NSAIDs, etc.


Experts reveal that you can get an MMJ card without a qualifying condition, providing you find a physician who understands MMJ. Choosing a knowledgeable physician guarantees the chance of getting medical cannabis treatment approval by revealing that you experience pain, anxiety, or insomnia regularly.


Getting Help to Receive Your MMJ Card Without a Condition


We’ve got various examples of conditions that can land you the MMJ card. You can get the MMJ if you have:


● Social anxiety restricts your participating in recreational events or family work


● Depression is preventing you from getting out of the house or bed


● You have fear or panic attacks regularly while driving or at the place of work


● Depression or anxiety affects your appetite


● Anxiety affects your concentration or affects your productivity at home or workplace


● Inadequate sleep impairs your functionality ability during the day


● Lack of sleep leads to panic attacks


● You keep worrying throughout due to the lack of enough sleep


● Some states include migraine as one of the qualifying conditions. However, if the authorities don’t classify migraines, they’ll fall under severe or chronic pain.


● Agoraphobia or fear of leaving your premises


● You’re taking excessive alcohol to deal with your depression and anxiety


● You have regular pain in your neck, shoulders, feet, and neck


How Can You Get the MMJ Without a Qualifying Condition by Advocating For Yourself?


With the authorities not legally binding the medical practitioners to grant you the MMJ certification, the physician can dismiss your application. However, you can suggest and provide a valid reason why you think you require the MMJ certification.


Remember, most states have legalized medical cannabis because the citizens or residents fought for the legalization and believed it helps them alleviate some conditions. Medical cannabis provides more efficacy with little to zero risks or side effects than prescribed medications. Thus, you’ve all the right and privilege to enjoy these products. Besides the rights, your physician must sign for you to enjoy the benefits. Thus, you’ll have to make a convincing argument or discussion.


Effects of MMJ card and qualifying condition on your life


Experts reveal that you must be ready to argue and talk about the qualifying symptoms you choose. Your argument must be valid to convince the compassionate marijuana physician that you require this certification or card for medical purposes. For instance, you should prepare to tell the physician how the pain has negatively affected your routine and the individuals around you. Talk about if it prevents you from pulling weight at the workplace, affects you at home, or if the pain affects your resting time. You can also talk about your worry about taking pain relieving medication constantly or if it results in anxiety or heavy drinking. Providing one detailed reason will be enough to convince the medical practitioner.


You’re avoiding the adverse effects of the traditional medications


You can also get the MMJ card without a qualifying condition by explaining the different opioid effects to the doctor. Explain the long-term effects of these NSAIDs, like damaging vital body organs. Remember, sleeping pills also have some scary side effects. Experts will view your concern as legit if you’ve experienced or feared these side effects. This concept provides a great basis for arguing about MMJ as the best and safer alternative.


You can also raise the point of your close friend or relative who was an alcoholic or drug addict; MMJ helped him out of the train or addiction. Remember to formulate and bring more MMJ testimonies or success stories. These stories and facts provide a baseline that you’re sure that trying MMJ will help you alleviate your condition.


Admit that you lack access to healthcare


Don’t be away or shy from telling the physician that you lack proper access to healthcare if they ask you to provide evidence or medical records to prove your condition. You can provide reasons why you can’t access healthcare, such as your background restricting trusting physicians. You can also say that you prefer a holistic approach to healthcare. Lastly, you can also reveal that you’ve been lacking insurance and understood the process of getting better alternatives. Despite the challenges, medical cannabis will relieve and help individuals like you. This medical alternative provides safe access and best returns to all patients requiring it.


Reason Why You Must Consider an MMJ Card/Physician For Your Medical Issue


Most medical cannabis physicians tend to be:


● Limited opinions that medical cannabis is the last option for medicine


● More like-minded and compassionate about cannabis


● Educated and more familiar about medical cannabis, making them comfortable with it


These benefits and reasons for choosing an MMJ physician come down to the best knowledge and understanding of the medical alternative. Experts reveal that a cannabis physician's comfort with providing a patient with medical marijuana certification is usually less shady than one who is comfortable in recommending opioids, despite their addiction pandemic controversies. Furthermore, they’re more competent than those comfortable with benzos; all patients or individuals have their prescriptions or those administering sleeping pills. The pills lead to unknowingly stimulating thanksgiving dinners and enhancing long drives in the course of the night with no recollections.


Nevertheless, these reasons don’t mean that your family doctor is uneducated or can’t provide the MMJ recommendation. Although you trust the family physician, a medical marijuana physician will be a safe bet.


Remember, most licensed and legitimate MMJ physicians have compassion and understand the landscape. These physicians usually don’t vet, as they become reluctant to get set up in the slow and unresponsive system. These physicians recognize that you are having debilitating symptoms, making it rude or cruel to have these patients jump through the hoops to make the prescribers feel comfortable while signing the MMJ.


Ultimately, HappyMD offers a secure and secure HIPAA-compliant online platform to help check if you can qualify for a medical card in your jurisdiction. The compassionate MMJ physicians at the platform will provide you with a hassle-free and quick evaluation.


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