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Enhance Your Marijuana Experience In These Creative Ways

Enhance Your Marijuana Experience In These Creative Ways

 How to Enhance Your Marijuana Experience In These Creative Ways.

Marijuana is a safe, reliable and natural way to improve your mental health, benefit your sleep, regain your appetite, combat chronic pain and lift your mood; but, regardless of why you are consuming cannabis there are some very creative ways to improve your experience!


So How Can You Enhance Your Marijuana Experience?


There’s many different ways that you can perfect the experience of enjoying your marijuana; and regardless of whether you are doing so for medical or recreational reasons, trying new creative ways of enjoying cannabis will heighten your pleasure and ensure that you can deal with any medical or mood conditions more effectively.




Mix It Up And Try Different Marijuana Products. 



There is, as they say, more than one way to skin a cat, and when it comes to marijuana you have plenty of options! It can get dull, or repetitive to only use one type of product when there are so many varied options available so why not mix it up and try a new product today?

  Enhance Your Marijuana Experience In These Creative Ways


Changing the way that you consume cannabis is not only fun but you might stumble across something which you far prefer to smoking or vaping! 



One great way to mix things up is by consuming cannabis infused foods and beverages. However, one thing that you have to remember is that edibles don’t impact you as quickly as smoking or vaping does; so you’ll have to be patient!




Always Be Careful With Doses When Trying A New Product.



When you are trying new ways to take cannabis, such as using edibles, you need to be careful with the dosage. This means that the first time you try a new product you should be a little cautious and take small doses to avoid the risk of overdosing and experiencing negative side effects such as nausea or anxiety. 



Consequently, it’s highly advised that you take a small dose when you first try a new product and wait at least an hour before taking your second dose.




Eat Fruits - They Taste Great And Are Super Healthy.



There are certain fruits and vegetables which can actually enhance your cannabis experience; some of which are quite unexpected! 



For instance, did you know that sweet potatoes contain both Vitamin B and E which help to boost the levels of serotonin in your brain? Serotonin is a naturally produced hormone which is a powerful neurotransmitter that helps to improve your mood and promotes positive social behaviors. This means that if you pair sweet potatoes with your cannabis you can supercharge your smoking experience and maximise your high!



Alternatively, you can eat some slices of mango before you smoke your cannabis. You should do so at least an hour before you start smoking because it will increase the duration of your experience. 



Mango contains a terpene called myrcene which is actually found in certain strains of marijuana; so when you eat mangos the terpene enters your bloodstream and interacts with the CBD and THC in the cannabis that you’re smoking! This interaction improves your experience and heightens your mood levels even further. 



If you have the munchies after smoking then instead of eating chips why not try peanuts instead? Peanuts contain Omega 3 fatty acids which combine with the cannabinoids in your marijuna and helps it to impact you much faster, thereby enhancing your high.




Cook With Cannabis - Discover The Joys Of Cannabis Recipes. 



Cooking with marijuana is a fantastic way to experiment in the kitchen, polish your skills and will give you one more reason to celebrate your creativity!



And don’t worry if you’re not an expert in the kitchen because you can use free online resources such as Youtube to find step by step guides to cooking everything from cannabis brownies, cannabutter and much more besides!



If you are a beginner when it comes to cooking with marijuana then a good place to start is by trying to make your own Cannabutter. 



Firstly, you need to melt some butter by putting it into your pan with a bit of water so that it doesn’t burn or get scorched, both of which will spoil its taste. Once your butter has started to melt you simply add your cannabis to the butter and maintain the heat between 160 and 200 Fahrenheit and allow it to slowly heat, simmering for around 3 hours. 



While your butter is cooking with the cannabis don’t forget to stir it occasionally while keeping the temperature low enough not to burn your butter. 



Once your butter has been cooking for 3 hours then you can pour the mixture into a glass mason jar by using a funnel so you don’t spill any of it. Now that you’ve got your Cannabutter in your mason jar you need to keep it in the fridge. After it’s cooled down you can use it on bread, snacks and in other dishes!




Combine With Workouts - Stay Healthy And Get High.



According to scientific research conducted in 2015, marijuana can be used in conjunction with your workout routine to improve your motivation and supercharge your enjoyment levels! 



Many professional athletes smoke marijunana before their events to enhance their performance, alleviate any pain they experience and open up brain pathways. By reducing your levels of pain you can run faster and for longer periods of time without suffering from exhaustion.




Start A Journal - Record Your Experiences!



It’s always a good idea to keep a journal of your experiences with cannabis so you can keep track of what strains you tried, how much you consumed and how you felt at the time. Whenever you try a new strain, just make a quick note of it in your journal so that if you really like it then you can get more in the future.



Keeping a journal is also useful if you are using cannabis to help with any type of mood disorders because you’ll have a detailed record of what’s been working in the past. 




Access Medical Marijuana Legally - Know Your Rights.



If you don’t have time to visit a doctor in person you can access the necessary advice via telemedicine to get hold of a Medical Marijuana Card. This allows you to possess, buy and use marijuana legally.



Some of the benefits of owning your own MMJ card include:



Access the highest quality cannabis produced by trusted growers.



Gives you permission to grow marijuana legally.



Saves you money on purchases.




To access your Medical Marijuana Card by telemedicine, simply follow this process:



Sign up for a free account.



Speak with a fully licensed doctor on a software which is HIPAA compliant.



Receive your qualifying letter by PDF format in an email.



Final Thoughts - Enhance Your Experience In Creative Ways. 



There are many factors which determine the quality of your experience including dosage, the environment that you are in and the way in which you consume it. Also, don’t forget that enjoying marijuana with your friends is a great way to connect and get to know each other better while having a fun time! 




Do you need a medical marijuana card?




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