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Get an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Online

Get an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Online

The Easy Process for Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio

The Ohio law requires that registered MMJ patients renew their card annually. Renewing the MMJ card in this state can be hectic and daunting. You're in the right place if you want your Ohio medical cannabis card renewal. This article explores everything you need to do before the card expires, ensuring that you bridge the gap in access to medical cannabis treatment. Furthermore, the details will help you have a smooth or straightforward medical marijuana card renewal.


How Do You Renew Your Ohio Medical Cannabis Card?


Ohio medical marijuana program allows caregivers and patients to renew their cards 90 days before the expiry date on the registry cards.


When renewing the MMJ card, you must schedule another visit to your physician. The physician recertifies you, allowing a straightforward MMJ card renewal.


After your physician renews the recommendation, you’ll see a red button (Renew Card) on your profile or account. You’ll agree with the legal statements by clicking the button before paying the annual $50 renewal fee. Afterwhich, download your OMMCP renewing registration.

 Get an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Online

Where Can You Get Your Medical Cannabis Card Renewal in Ohio?


The Ohio Board of Pharmacy reveals that you’ll be able to renew your MMJ card 90 days prior to the expiry date. When renewing your card, it’s vital to understand that the Medical Control Program in Ohio has made some changes to the cannabis card renewal process. The changes prevent caregivers and patients from receiving reminders about renewing the MMJ cards.


Thus, it’s up to the MMJ patients to check their marijuana card’s expiry date. After checking, ensure that you renew the card with the state’s patient registry before or by the expiry date.


What are the Advantages of Getting the Ohio Medical Cannabis Card Renewal?


Effective treatment


Cannabis offers the best alternative for patients seeking to alleviate a condition that can qualify them for the state’s MMJ card. However, it’ll be wise to take this medical alternative under the supervision or monitoring of a qualified and licensed medical cannabis physician. These physicians understand the health benefits of this treatment method, side effects, and the proper use or dosage to alleviate your symptoms.


Besides having licensed and state-approved MMJ physicians, HappyMD also provides medical marijuana education courses to their experts. These continuing courses equip the physicians with up-to-date and vital information on the therapeutic or health benefits of medical cannabis.


Legal protection


The Ohio medical cannabis card makes it easy for law enforcers to confirm your registration with the state’s Medical Cannabis Control Program Registry. You can easily and legally consume, possess, and transport these products by showing the law enforcers your MMJ card.


Dispensary access


Experts acknowledge that medical cannabis is a low-risk and effective treatment to alleviate more than 25 diseases and symptoms. After getting your Ohio MMJ card, you can easily stop at any dispensary to shop for your preferred medical cannabis products. Remember, you can only get verified and tested medical cannabis products with the optimal purity and potency at the state dispensaries.


The state is gradually increasing the list of medical cannabis products available in the different dispensaries. You can find oral sprays, THC-infused edibles, vaping, concentrates, oral spray, lotions, other topicals, lozenges, high CBD products, etc.


Access to other states


You can easily access all the marijuana dispensaries in the state when having the Ohio MMJ card. Nevertheless, the card might bring more benefits or privileges than anticipated. Studies show that most states with MMJ programs extend the program’s reciprocity. Therefore, you can purchase your preferred medical cannabis products in other states with the Ohio medical cannabis patient ID.


Medical Cannabis Legalization in Ohio


Ohio still considers the recreational use of recreational marijuana illegal. However, this state has decriminalized possession of up to 100 grams. The legislatures enacted the legalization law in 2016 to allow the cultivation, possession, and sale of medical marijuana under a regulated system. However, the system and the effects didn’t get into force until late 2017.


Gov. John Kasich signed House Bill 523 (law on medical cannabis) into law in 2016. The law allowed the residents with different qualifying conditions, like chronic pain, cancer, etc., to use different forms of medical marijuana. These medical cannabis forms include creams, lotions, edibles, tinctures, patches, and plant materials. This law also allows caregivers and patients to access a 90-day supply of medical cannabis. However, the regulations restrict the smoking of marijuana plants, as the dispensaries only provide the products in vaporized forms.


Remember, the state only allows or permits medical marijuana use, not recreational use. The marijuana law, HB523 based on various qualifying conditions to check if you’re eligible for the MMJ card in the state. However, Cincinnati reports that the Board of Pharmacy in Ohio has delayed making the program affordable.


Cannabis Cultivators and Dispensaries


Despite having 57 medical marijuana dispensaries and more than 700 certified MMJ physicians to qualify patients, the cost of getting these products is still high. The 33 cultivators produce expensive medical cannabis products for the registered patients, approximately 125000. Furthermore, since the legislature passed the bill, numerous laws have tempered the state’s MMJ industry. A local station, WCPO, reveals that the laws set different settling parameters for prescribing, cultivating, and selling the products.


With over 1000 new MMJ cardholders getting approval monthly in 2020, this state continues to serve its residents appropriately based on the findings that they’re paying a lot of money to get the drug. Ohio residents are traveling as far as Michigan to purchase these products. Columbus Dispatch reports that most residents are reporting constraints, which makes them cross the border to get these products.


Most Ohio MMJ cardholders have revealed to The Dispatch, privately and on record, that they have to travel to the northern state to get the products at a lesser price. The biggest obstacle to getting the drug in Ohio is the huge price tag the state sells it.


Do You need to Visit Your Physician Again when Renewing Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card?


Yes, you must schedule another appointment and meet a certified MMJ physician whenever you want to renew your card. Remember, renewing keeps your Ohio MMJ card valid.


Like the initial evaluation appointment, you’ll meet and discuss with your physician about the qualifying condition. The physician will also review your medical records.


During the renewal evaluation or appointment, you can use similar medical documents or records you had for the initial evaluation unless you get a different recommendation. Remember, you must prove the presence of an active diagnosis by providing additional medical documentation if your qualifying condition is curable. However, in most cases, most MMJ patients use their previous year's medical records for renewing the card, as long as they are accurate and current.


Do You Need to Submit an Extra Application to the State Authorities to Renew the Card?


After obtaining another written recommendation from your physician, the regulations require you to login into your Medical cannabis registry in the state to activate your MMJ card renewal.


After logging into your registry account, select the ‘Renew card’ button and follow the instructions. Afterwhich, you’ll pay a $50 registration fee to process the renewal. The registry will redirect you to your profile after submitting or paying the fee. You’ll find a new cannabis patient I.D. on the profile with another expiration date.


Can You Switch to HappyMD For the MMJ Card Renewal If You Already Have a Medical Cannabis Physician?


HappyMD boasts a huge network of experienced and highly knowledgeable doctors who help different patients to get natural relief or solutions through medical marijuana. The platform will guide you through the applications and renewal process, from receiving your medical documents or records to the MMJ card renewal process. Furthermore, the telehealth platform will help you submit your applications and recommendations to the state medical cannabis registry.


Furthermore, professional health care experts help you control your cannabis treatment plan, regardless of the frequency or number of times you need to get on track. The platform ensures that your card remains valid with them after the online renewal, as they offer free follow-ups. The follow-ups are vital to ensure that you’re on track and help you meet your goals. The platform offers these services at less than $0.50 daily.


The Ohio Medical Cannabis Control Program states that you can renew your MMJ registration by finishing the two-step process. However, you won’t receive an automated email having a link to help you renew your registration from the registry. You’ll have to log into the registry profile by yourself.


Step 1. Receive your new recommendation from a physician


You'll need to have another recommendation from your physician.


Step 2. Log in to the registry profile and pay the annual renewal fee


Remember, the state program won’t send you an email with a renewal link like in the initial process. You can visit www.ohiomedicalmarijuanaregistry.com 30 days to the expiration date or after getting a new recommendation following the expiry of your existing one. After visiting the website, sign in using the password and email address you created when activating your registry account. It’s vital to note that you’ll require a new recommendation before you renew the registration after the recommendation and registration expires. Click the ‘renew card’ option on your registry profile after getting the new recommendations to complete the MMJ renewal process.


How Can You Renew Your Status as a Medical Cannabis Caregiver?


The state’s MMJ programs reveal that all caregivers must also renew their MMJ registrations. When renewing as a registered patient caregiver, you start by visiting www.ohiomedicalmarijuanaregistry.com and proceed to the ‘renew card’ option.


If the card’s expiration date is approaching or you have various concerns about the Ohio MMJ card renewal process, you can contact HappyMD at 866-457-559. The telehealth platform has various patient support specialists to help you book an appointment.


Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Renewal in Ohio


HappyMD offers a HIPAA-compliant and convenient telemedicine renewal and application appointment that suits your schedule. The platform has qualified MMJ physicians who offer equal attention and care similar to the one in-person doctor offers. Many individuals are switching to the platform as you can complete the place from the comfort of your house.


Places to Visit After enjoying Your Medical Cannabis


Ohio is a well-known city with various attractive sites. The sites range from the largest water park, the midwest’s Queen City, and the amusement park of King’s Island. Furthermore, you can also enjoy your time at the breweries, wineries, zoos, botanical gardens, and national parks across the state. If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you can also enjoy your time at the 41 North Kayak Adventures, Alum Creek State Park, and the Sugarbush Creek farm. Indoor fun in the city includes dining, shopping, and loading across the different sites in this state, from Cleveland to Cincinnati. Lastly, you can tour the Ohio river, as crying on the water body provides the best and most memorable Ohio experience.




Most individuals consider this site on the Ohio river the top metropolis in the state. When visiting the location, you’re likely to enjoy different monumental museums, including the Cincinnati Museum Center and Art museum, having more than 6000 years of artifacts and exhibits. Remember, when visiting the Queen site, the botanical garden and Cincinnati Zoo are one of the must-see features. You can finish your day by enjoying the diverse entertainment and eateries.


Cuyahoga Valley National Park


This park adjacent to Cleveland has dense forests and numerous rolling hills waiting for you to explore. The attractive Towpath trails allow you to walk or ride through the Erie Canal route admiring the untouched Ohio beauty. You can enjoy different park activities, such as biking, hiking, and wildlife watching. Remember, the location provides visitors with lodging and camping sites at the park.


Kings Island


It’s the largest water and amusement park near Queen city (Cincinnati). Many visitors have the best experiences and memories of this location as it contains numerous activities like family rides and different roller coaster tracks suiting all ages. It’s the best location you can enjoy in Ohio after taking your medical marijuana. The soak city in this location offers a slippery feeling, as it offers the best water fun. You can enjoy your time dipping into the water. Whether you're having a special event, a thrill ride, or an awesome show, it's a must-visit site in Ohio.


Renewing your Ohio Medical marijuana card is vital to make it valid and allow you to enjoy the health benefits of medical marijuana. HappyMD provides straightforward and cost-effective Ohio MMJ Card applications and renewals. You renew the medical marijuana card with your mobile device and continue enjoying the benefits.






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