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Posted 05/14/2018 in Health

Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana



The use of marijuana for medical purposes is only slowly being appreciated. For a long time, this wonderful herb has been disparaged, vilified, and considered unsafe for human use. Scientific studies, on the other hand, have deduced almost without exception that the herb does possess great health benefits. This is the need which we have decided to step in and meet.


We are going to lay bare these benefits of medical marijuana to you in the proceeding discussions. We are also going to acquaint you with the procedures you ought to follow to become a certified marijuana patient in the United States. We are going to do this basically to help you in getting started with the herb. We hope you will have all your problems and issues effectively addressed.  There are sativa vs indica strains, other CBD vs hemp products, then traditional cannabis plants.SAFETY AND EFFICACY OF CANNABIS Cannabis Safety Studies upon studies have deduced almost without exception that the use of cannabis does not at all bring about adverse repercussions as has always been thought to. Only a few numbers of patients have reported these adverse effects. These effects have mainly affected the gastrointestinal and central nervous systems. Almost every other patient experienced dizziness, which is a bit mild and inconsequential. This means that on the whole, cannabis is very safe for use in medicine. Cannabis Efficacy Generally speaking, the rates of successful marijuana treatments have been high. The use of the herb has also recorded a significant surge in the improvement of the quality of life of the affected patients. The herb has been particularly great at mitigating headaches and chronic pains. It has been noted to reduce pains by a margin of around 2 points (on a 0-to-10 numerical pain rating). This translates to 30% overall improvement in the pain intensity.


Marijuana has tons of medical benefits. These benefits of marijuana include but certainly not limited to the following: Combats Muscle Spasm Marijuana has been noted to deal with several kinds of muscles spasms. It, therefore, ensures stability in walking, running, and carrying about just about every other business. This is mainly due to its possession of stabilizing chemicals that are great for suppressing the wayward motion of muscles. Aids in Alleviating Glaucoma Glaucoma refers to an eye condition that is characterized by increased pressure in the eyeballs. This leads to a gradual loss of visual acuity. It is mainly caused by an obstruction in the vital discharges of the eyes such as tears and blood. Marijuana eases pressure in the optic nerve, retina, and several other portions of the eye. In doing so, it helps to alleviate the effects of glaucoma. Decreases Anxiety When taken in low doses, marijuana can also decrease anxiety. The puffs of this wonderful drug contain THC which relaxes the nerve and other vital elements of the body. This has the corresponding impact of reducing the stress and anxiety levels of the body. You are advised against taking in excess though. This is because it achieves the exact opposite effect.  Some of the CBD components can help this issue. Controls Epileptic Seizures  From time to time, the smooth flow of signals or electric activities in the brain may be interrupted. This leads to what is called epileptic seizures. When this occurs, the affected individual may often experience memory loss, loss of touch with reality, unusual behaviors, and loss of awareness. Marijuana has the ability to control these activities and ward off these side effects from arising. This way, it controls the emergence of this condition.  FDA has approved some anti-seizure medication. Inflammation + Medical Marijuana Explore Pain Relieving Medical Marijuana and Inflammation Get your medical marijuana card online here Chronic inflammation is a medical condition associated with abdominal behaviors which occurs in the immune system. This problem may harm the body resulting to the damage of the tissue, joint pains and also the organs. Every quite often, the bowels may sustain inflammations. These could result from the foods taken, alcohols, injuries, and other medical conditions. These bowel diseases include Ulcerative colitis, stomach ulcers, and Crohn's disease. Marijuana may help with the mitigation of the various inflammatory bowel diseases. Most patients who have taken it have been relieved. The herb suppresses the inflammations and prevents them from spreading to other parts of the body. It also aids in the treatment of the said conditions with other drugs. Back Pain Chronic pain is a problem that can exist for years even with various types of medication. This is something every patient wants to get rid of, but it takes longer to treat back pain when the methods of treatment adopted are not able to reach where the problem emanates from. One of the solutions available that could help patients battling back pain and or back sprains, neck pain. High Blood Pressure High blood pressure is a prevailing problem in the world, and for many years now, scientists have been trying to come up with a permanent solution for it without any success. But what exactly is high blood pressure? In medical terms, the condition is described as a high tension in the arteries but to put it in layman’s terms, high blood pressure is when there is a high.  Explore How CBD Oils can Impact Blood Pressure  - High blood pressure is a prevailing problem in the world, and for many years now, scientists have been trying to come up with a permanent solution for it without any success. But what exactly is high blood pressure and what is the relationship between medical marijuana and high blood pressure? In medical terms, the   Fibromyalgia + Medical Marijuana  Understanding Fibromyalgia for Patients in Long Beach California In many ways, fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition. However, it's a chronic pain condition that is very different from many others. The musculoskeletal pain associated with fibromyalgia is very severe and tends to radiate throughout the whole body. The brain may actually be processing pain signals Relieves Arthritic Discomforts - Arthritis Arthritis is a disease that causes pain and inflammation to be felt at the joints. It makes this possible by stiffening muscles at these parts of the body. If and when such issues arise, a lot of pain is felt not only in the affected parts but also in the entire body as a whole. Marijuana has been found to be good at relieving these arthritis discomforts. It basically diminishes the sensation of pain and strengthens the stiff muscles. Manages Sugar Levels - Diabetes Sugar levels ought to be constant in the body. The levels do not have t be too high or too low. Any deviation from the optimal levels will often impact undesirable consequences on the body as a whole. Marijuana aids in the digestion and absorption of sugar from the blood. This way, it sees to it that the sugar levels are kept to their desired levels in the blood. Persons who smoke pot are thus less likely to be obese.

Cannabis / CBD & Massage  How Can Cannabis Help Massage Being massaged has something inherently medical that helps to relax your muscles and relieve stress. When your body is exhausted, you want to relax and one of the ways you can achieve this is having a calming massage. Beyond the conventional massage you get at other clinics CBD massages are very helpful.  Also helps during ganja yoga! Insomnia Explore Medical Marijuana Strains for Improving your Sleep Insomnia is frustrating and could impact one’s life if not controlled. This is a condition in which an individual suffers severe loss of sleep even when tired and in need of sleep. Lack of sleep could wear out your body and may create room for other conditions, so the most suitable thing to do is to look for a good high CBD strain or tincture.  Also explore the best strains for improving sleep.

Spurs Creativity Studies after studies have deduced almost without exception that marijuana spurs creativity. Persons who smoke weed have been noted to have great cognitive and memory than those who do not. They are also great at solving complex problems which require great thinking, imagination, and capacity. In case you are a student who wishes to boost your memory, this indeed is the substance not to overlook. Smoke it moderately though as excessive intakes may lead to issues. Helps in  Parkinson's Disease With age, or after an injury, the nerve cells of the brain may die down and cease to function. This is called Parkinson's Disease. It leads to the gradual loss of memory, loss of the vitality of the human mental faculties, tremors, and ultimately premature death. Marijuana has the ability to manage this condition as well. It can soothe the tremors that arise on persons with such conditions. This slows down the pace of bodily deterioration and extends the life of the patients. Aids in the Recovery from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Veterans who witness gory situations may find it difficult to adjust from these scenes. This phenomenon is called the Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Persons who suffer from it may experience ghastly scenes, difficulty to stay focused on tasks, hallucinations, and even loss of awareness. Marijuana has been found to be effective in dealing with this condition. It does so by maintaining the functioning of the body to the desired conditions. This way, the emergence of the said problems is kept at bay. Prevents Stroke Stroke is a medical condition which arises whenever the supply of blood into your brain is impeded. When the flow of blood is affected, the cells begin to die one after another. This may lead to collapse, permanent damages to the various parts of the body, and complete loss of control of the various bodily capabilities. Studies carried on animals have deduced that marijuana can shield the brain after a stroke. It may, therefore, help persons have this issue to manage it well. Helps in Stopping Drinking Stopping drinking is never easy; especially when one is a complete alcoholic. It requires a great deal of self-discipline, consistency, great effort, and of course, perseverance. Marijuana has also been found to aid those people who are attempting to cut back on drinking. It basically suppresses the craving for alcohol. This leads to diminished demand and subsequently the eventual withdrawal from the habit as a whole. Reduces Overdose from Opioids Those who take opioids such as heroin are prone to those dangers that ordinary drug addicts are susceptible to. Excessive intakes of opioids, just like every other drug, can cause addictions and eventually untimely deaths. Marijuana has yet again been found to be effective at suppressing the craving for more opioids. It has subsequently resulted in fewer incidences of an overdose in targeted populations. This has, in turn, kept the users of these drugs healthy and strong.


Regulates Eating Patterns This herb has the ability to regulate eating patterns. It causes you not to eat too much or too little. This means it maintains your eating to the optimal or desirable levels. This way, it prevents you from developing metabolic disorders like bulimia and anorexia nervosa. Suppresses the Feeling of Nausea and vomiting From time to time, you might normally feel like throwing up. This may often arise because of smelling the undesirable scent, noticing a ghastly site, responding to an allergy, or being in a very unkempt environment. Marijuana can suppress this feeling of nausea and enable you to lead a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. Regulates Metabolism Other than keeping your crave for food to desirable levels, marijuana also regulates the body’s metabolism. This simply means that it keeps your digestive and absorption mechanisms to meaningful levels. This way, it prevents you from contracting obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders. Sheds Excess Weights Studies have revealed that those who smoke pot on a regular basis have less weight compared to their non-smoking counterparts. This suggests that smoking pot aids in shedding excess weight. It, therefore, combats obesity, overweight, reaction sugars, and other issues that arise from the accumulation of excess fat in the body. Increases Appetite In case you suffer from periodic loss of appetite, you may consider taking a marijuana medication. This is because the herb has the ability to stir up your appetite. This is by reason of stimulating your craving for food and drink. This is mainly brought about by its THC constituent ingredient. Calms Intestinal Inflammation The intestines, just like every other part of the body, is prone to the dangers of inflammations. Indeed from time to time, the intestines may contract inflammatory conditions like the Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. These two if left unchecked may cause permanent damages. Marijuana can and indeed does calm this condition. This is due to its reaction with the guts and other portions of the bowel.


Listed and explained below are the benefits of medical marijuana for pain management: Treats Chronic Pain Chronic pain are those that last for too long. They are very irritating and may lead to the permanent damage to certain parts of the body. Marijuana has the ability to suppress such chronic pain and diminish their overall intensity. Assists HIV/AIDS Patients People suffering from HIV/AIDS are prone to the loss of appetite, nausea, excessive pain, aches, and loss of morale. Cannabis can deal with most of these conditions. It can raise the appetite levels, suppress pain, and contribute to the improvement of morale, among others.  Alleviates Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Several symptoms that are associated with multiple scleroses such as spasms, tremors, and general pain can be disturbing. Luckily, marijuana can deal with most of them. It can indeed alleviate those symptoms and leave you healthy and strong. Medical Marijuana and Ankylosis What Is Ankylosis? Ankylosis is a condition that is associated with the stiffening of a joint due to the abnormal adhesion and rigidity nature of the bones and joint. It is typically the result of chronic rheumatoid arthritis. This condition usually causes the joint to become fixed in the least painful position it can find. Ankylosis may also be the result of injury, Helps Arthritis Pain As stated, cannabis contains cannabinoids like CBD and THC. These CBD agents are pretty effective at healing arthritis. It does so by helping sufferers to cope with the pain that arise at joints. This relief is provided for mainly by the cannabis balms and creams.  Reduces pain from atheletic / arthritis stiff joints. Even helps pain from osteoarthritis.


Protects the Brain from Concussions and Trauma Cannabis has been found to be able to protect the brain from trauma and concussion. This is because it has powerful neuroprotective properties. It, therefore, gives the users’ heads the strength they require to withstand high impacts from balls, bats, and sporting equipment. By reason of this, it also aids in the recovery from trauma, brain injuries, and other mental associated injuries. Mood Disorders and Medical Marijuana While past studies have linked marijuana use to a higher risk of anxiety, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders, other studies have been unable to repeat the findings. Recently, in what is believed to be the first national study to look at any potential link between marijuana use and the incidence of anxiety, mood, and substance use. Boosts the Physical and Mental Faculties Apart from combating nightmares, cannabis also boosts the physical and mental faculties. It revitalizes the brain, emotions, and bodily faculties. It does so by furnishing these parts of the body with extra energy. This enables the said parts of the body to exude great strength and energy. This also allows them to perform optimally under the most challenging of circumstances.


Prevents Cancers from Spreading Marijuana, as stated, contains the cannabidiol chemical. This chemical has the ability to prevent cancer from spreading in several cells of the body. It also contains the tetrahydrocannabinol which has been found to slow the growth of, or even shrink the tumors completely. This means the herb is indeed handy and effective in suppressing the growth of cancer and is, therefore, a cancer patient’s trusted companion. Combats Some Cancers Other than preventing cancer from spreading, marijuana also combats certain types of cancer. These include osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) and lung cancer. It does so in a number of ways and means. It may block the ability of a tumor to develop blood vessels, and triggers the dead cells to destroy themselves. It is also worth noting that it brings along limited to no side effects.  Particularly effective in cancer pain relief. Aids in Recovery from Chemotherapy Chemotherapy is very painful indeed. It really takes a toll on the patients who undergo it. That it is necessary that the condition is dealt with appropriately. Marijuana has soothing effects. It aids in reducing the sensation of pain when taken. This way, it prevents the patient from feeling excessive pain. It is also great for recovery from other kinds of pains besides cancer alone.


Step I: Establish your Own Eligibility Not anyone may qualify to be a marijuana patient in the United States. There are laid down rules and regulations that restrict this privilege to a chosen few. You will, therefore, have to establish your own eligibility. Generally speaking, you have to be 18 years or older and must be suffering from a condition which marijuana can mitigate. These include HIV/AIDs, cancer, chronic pains, and multiple sclerosis. Step II: Visit the Relevant Website You now have to pay a visit the first time patients area or renewal medical marijuana cards. We help patients get cannabis cards vis 420 evaluations in California and New York. Step III: Identify an Authorized Doctor Just like the medical status, not all doctors are authorized to carry out this treatment plan. Only a select few may execute it. You will thus have to find a doctor in your area who is similarly authorized to do so. The doctor shall examine you to find out whether you indeed have those conditions that warrant the marijuana medicine. Just in case you have any other concerns, this is the time to raise them. Step IV: Remit the Necessary Application Fees The application process costs money. The exact amount of money charged varies from state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction. You should, however, expect to part with around $25 to $50. Find out how much your jurisdiction levies and their payment methods. Proceed to remit the fees for the sake of having your application approved. Step V: Wait for the Application to be processed Now give your application time to be processed. In most states and jurisdictions, the process takes 1 to 3 business days to actualize. The processing of the application basically entails the evaluation of 420. It is carried out by a competent and certified medical practitioner. If the medical practitioner is satisfied with your application as well as the supporting testimonials, he will issue a medical marijuana card. This empowers you to use the herb to mitigate the various conditions outlined above. Step VI: Obtain the Marijuana Card Immediately your application goes through, you will receive an online marijuana card without delay. You will, however, have to wait or three business days to obtain the paper card. You may also grow the marijuana card over and above merely using it for your health issues.

CLOSING REMARKS Well, there you have it! It is our hope that you have obtained the necessary guidance from the health benefits of medical marijuana we have discussed above. On the whole, marijuana is loaded with tons of medical benefits. It is also safer and more efficient, as you may well have already noted from the foregoing discussions. In light of this, it is in your interest to utilize it for the solution of your health issues. You may now go ahead and launch your attempt to use the marijuana for medicinal purposes.


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