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How to Get a California Medical Marijuana Identification Card in 2021

How to Get a California Medical Marijuana Identification Card in 2021

How to Get a California Medical Marijuana Identification Card - MMIC in 2021If you are struggling to find the right and up-to-date information regarding the California Medical Marijuana Identification Card, then you don't have to worry about it. We have a guide for you that will help you understand the criteria and a way to attain the certification for which you have been longing.

Why getting a California medical marijuana indentification card is necessary?

If you use cannabis, then there are certain exemptions that you can enjoy. These include exemption from state sale taxes, and whenever you visit a dispensary or pharmacy, you are granted access to more products. These benefits call for a need of identification of such individuals so that they can be benefited whenever they need.

How to Get a California Medical Marijuana Identification Card in 2021

Who is eligible for the registry ID card?

Anyone who is on medical marijuana and has a physician's prescription can get a California medical marijuana card or ID card. However, the qualified patient should be a resident of California and must be of age above 18. If you fulfill this criterion, then you can carry the identification card around to enjoy the privileges of legal medical marijuana. 

Ideal amounts of marijuana:

Since the legalization of marijuana in 2018, there are no restrictions. Patients can have enjoy the benefits of the cannabis flower as much as they are recommended by the doctor. But from the health perspective, it is suggested that you should manage the dosage. It is said that taking 1 ounce of the dried flower and 8g of hashish concentrate is ideal. You can have a combination of dried flower and hashish concentrate, but that is not recommended. 

Medical conditions considered for the medical marijuana ID card:

Following is a list of some qualifying medical conditions that are considered and granted the Medical Marijuana Identification Card. These include:

  • Arthritis
  • AIDS
  • Wasting syndrome
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Glaucoma 
  • Muscle spasms
  • Seizures
  • Nausea
  • Any other symptom that hinders daily life chores.

All these medical conditions can be treated/lessened with the help of marijuana, and such patients require Medical Marijuana Identification Card to keep their identity. This card will help them get medicine without any legal obligation and formalities.

Pre-requisites before applying for identity:

There are certain documents and validations that you should arrange before applying to get a Medical Marijuana Identification Card. These includes:

  • Residency of California
  • Doctor’s prescription ensuring that you need marijuana
  • National Identification card

If you have these documents and are suffering from the aforementioned diseases, then you are qualified to apply for the card.

How to get a card?

Now we are familiar with all the pre-requisites and eligibility criteria set by the government of California. Moving on to the procedure of getting a Medical Marijuana Identification Card, which is a necessity of every person who is taking medical marijuana to keep up with their health conditions. To get this card, you can either use the government portal or online private websites. The procedure is the same for both methods with the only difference of service. Usually, private websites arrange the card earlier than the government process. Now to the steps of acquiring the car. First, you need to login either on the government portal or the private website. Then you have to fill the application form. When your application reaches the correspondent, you will be directed to the doctor/physician, who will verify that either you have to take marijuana or not. After that, your application will be processed and sent for confirmation with the validation of other documents. When all these security checks will be done, you will be granted your identification card.

What should minors do?

It is not like minors do not need medical marijuana or they don't face medical conditions that need such potent medicines. In that case, it is advised to ask the primary caregiver to get the card in your stead. Under California's law, primary caregivers are eligible to have this card but under some conditions. These conditions include:

  • The patient has trust in you, and you are responsible for the patient's safety.
  • The caregiver is responsible for every action of the patient and even have housekeeping rights.
  • The caregiver has no interest in providing medical marijuana to the patient.
  • The caregiver is a loyal person and has been taking care of the patient before medical marijuana was prescribed.

Along with all these conditions, the primary caregiver and patient should also have proof of residency in California and nationality of the USA.

If a caregiver has all these qualities, then the card can be allotted without any issues.


The legality of marijuana in California has stirred up the authorities, and they have worked for this cause. The government took its part and grant licenses that allow medical marijuana patients to have a peaceful life. The concept of this card has eased the life of patients, and it prevents them from getting into formalities that lead to time delay. But this access doesn't accelerate the drug addiction since the government ensures that the documents and eligibility criteria are met or else there is no way a person will lay hands on marijuana. Moreover, the authorities of California have hired such doctors, who determine that whether the person is really in need or is it just their way to get drugs. Therefore, the need for these cards was a necessary step, which has proven to be a blessing in disguise for many people, who were suffering over the years due to various chronic diseases. 


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