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How-to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Illinois

How-to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Illinois

 Apply For Your Medical Marijuana Card in Illinois 

When applying for your Illinois MMJ card, you start by talking to a licensed and state-approved medical marijuana physician and get the approval or guaranteed money back.


The process for an Illinois medical marijuana card takes only a few minutes. It involves simply signing up and responding to a few questions before scheduling your appointment.


Schedule an Appointment


You must create an account and book an appointment to see the licensed MMJ physician through HappyMD. The platform allows you to choose the most convenient time. Remember, you must provide your primary medical history during the account creation process to help you book an appointment with the state-approved and licensed MMJ Illinois physician. The physician will approve your application for the MMJ program in the state if you qualify.


You can seek assistance from the HappyMD team to help you when booking the appointment.


Remember that while booking your appointment, you must present medical records showing that you have a certain qualifying disease or condition.


Consult With the MMJ Physician Online


After booking the appointment, you’ll have consultations via the online video telehealth platform. The consultation takes 10-15 minutes. The doctor will evaluate your condition (s) during this visit or consultation. You can also ask questions or seek clarifications on medical cannabis treatment. After the consultation, the physician will fill out your medical marijuana recommendation form if they approve your recommendation. After getting the recommendation, you can apply for the MMJ card from the state authorities.


Get Approval


After getting the approval, you’ll register, pay the state application fees, and submit the application forms. The state authorities will then process the applications and notify you of the approval before mailing the card. You can visit any state medical marijuana dispensary to purchase the products after getting the card.


Remember, the certification has a three-year lifetime. Thus, you’ll require to renew the card when the expiration date approaches. Renewing involves having a new consultation with your physician. HappyMD will keep in touch or contact you to help you set the card’s renewal when the expiry period is approaching.

 How-to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Illinois

HappyMD will issue you a full refund if the medical marijuana physician doesn’t approve your application or renewal.


The state MMJ program states that the recommendation is valid for three years. After the period, you'll need a re-certification with another appointment to get the renewal.


Recreational Cannabis Taxes in Illinois


The state charges up to 31.25 5 taxes, 6.25% sales tax, and approximately 25% tax on THC-based products


Medical Cannabis Taxes in Illinois


The state charges a 1% tax on medical marijuana products.


About Marijuana in Illinois


Illinois authorities passed or legalized medical marijuana in 2013 through Senate Bill 862, which Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law. In August 2019 (six years later), THCnet.com, a popular cannabis news source, revealed that the state recorded $300 million of recreational marijuana sales after seven months of legalizing the MMJ, which Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed allowed by signing the Senate Bill 2023.


Gov. Julia Straton showed overwhelming support for the use of recreational cannabis by being among the firts citizens to buy the products immediately after legalization in 2019. She twitted, “ For soo long, Illinois residents, especially those who are brown and black have been criminalized and targeted for #marijuana possession.”


The governor finished the Twitter post by stating, “ It’s not just a new year, it’s a new day and beginning. Thank you, @Gov.Pritzer, for ending marijuana prohibition and building a more equitable illinois.”


Therefore, this state invites everyday citizens and qualifying patients to buy medicinal or recreational marijuana. This directive ends decades of prohibition or discrimination against this plant with proven benefits to alleviate various symptoms, conditions, or disorders.


Illinois Medical Marijuana card Qualifying Conditions and Cost


This state has more than 50 conditions that the state authorities approved for medical purposes in 2013. These conditions include:


● Alzheimer’s disease


● ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease


● Autism


● An alternative for opioid treatment


● Arnold-Chiari malformation


● Anorexia nervosa


● Wasting syndrome/ Cachexia


● Causalgia


● Cancer


● Chronic pain


● Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy


● CRPS (Complex regional pain syndrome Type II)


● Chron’s pain


● Glaucoma


● Hepatitis C


● Dystonia




● Fibrous dysplasia


● Ehler-Danlos Syndrome


● Hydrocephalus


● Intestinal cystitis


● Lupus


● Irritable bowel syndrome


● Hydromyelia


● Migraines muscular dystrophy


● Multiple sclerosis


● Migraines


● Myasthenia gravis


● Nail-patella syndrome


● Myoclonus


● Neuro-Behcet’s Autoimmune Disease


● Neuropathy


● Neurofibromatosis


● Parkinson’s condition


● Osteoarthritis


● Post-concussion syndrome


● Polycystic kidney disease


● Residual limb pain


● Reflex sympathetic dystrophy


● Rheumatoid arthritis


● Severe fibromyalgia


● Severe epilepsy characteristics


● Sjogren’s syndrome


● Spinal cord injury


● Spinal cord condition or disease (not limited to arachnoiditis)


● Spinocerebellar ataxia


● Syringomyelia


● Superior canal dehiscence syndrome


● Tourette syndrome


● Traumatic brain injury


● Tarlov cysts


After HappyMD assists you in getting the state medical cannabis certification at $199, you’ll have to pay an additional $100 annual registration to the state for one-year card registration. Remember, the state charges resident in the Social Security program and veterans a $50 annual registration fee. Furthermore, the state offers a discount for two and three-year registration at $250. The state authority only allows residents with the Illinois medical marijuana card to purchase prescribed marijuana products. The program doesn't also allow out-of-state MMJ cards. Like all the other states, you must prove Illinois residency with an identification card or driver’s license to qualify for the card.


Application Process


You can qualify for the Illinois MMJ card in a four-step process. The process starts by booking an appointment to see a marijuana physician to evaluate your conditions and determine if you're eligible for the treatment. After the approval, you'll submit your application forms to the Illinois state authorities, who will send the card 60 days after approval. After receiving the card, you can purchase medical marijuana products from the state dispensaries.


The Department of Public Health in Illinois states that you must have the following to qualify for the state Medical cannabis program:


● Be an adult above 18 years old; remember, minors can qualify as long as they have recommendations from two doctors and consent from legal guardians


● Get recommendations for medical marijuana use from a qualified physician


● Reside in Illinois by showing proof of residency


● Not having a commercial driver’s license or school bus permit


● Not a correctional officer, firefighter, correctional probation officer, or an active duty law enforcement officer


The state outlines that the first step of becoming an MMJ patient in this state is meeting with a licensed and certified Illinois MMJ doctor to certify you for medical cannabis use. HappyMD provides the physicians to help you get the certification. These physicians will complete the state’s Physician Certification Form before submitting it to the Department of Health.


Depending on the length (years) of application, the fee usually varies. For instance, the state charges $100 for a one-year card, $200 for a two-year MMJ card, and $250 for a three-year card. Remember this application fee is non-refundable.


Importantly, the state offers discounts for individuals on supplemental security income, veterans, and social security disability income. After the discount, these individuals will enjoy a $50 fee for a one-year MMJ card, $125 for a three-year MMJ card, and a $200 application fee for a two-year card.


You must send a 2*2 inch standard passport photo at most thirty days old to complete your MMJ application. Ensure that you take the photo on a solid-colored background having no object or person near you. Experts advise visiting the local passport, photography center, or service location to get a professional photo.


Besides the passport photo and application, you must provide two forms proving your Illinois residency. The state authorities will only accept the following proof forms:


● Voter’s card


● Illinois driver’s license


● Utility bills bearing your address and name


● Bank statements


In the Prairie state in 2017 stated that approximately 2.5 ounces of medical cannabis for 14 days was an adequate supply based on the Qualifying condition. The state's Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Pilot Program created a state-wide registry, which excluded caregivers and patients from prosecution and arrests for possessing medical cannabis products.


Furthermore, Procon.org revealed that the Act allowed residents to register dispensing organizations and cultivation centers. However, the state imposed a 7% tax per ounce on individuals with the privilege of cultivating and dispensing medical cannabis. Currently, Illinois has approximately 19 certified and state-approved cultivation and dispensing centers.


Medical Marijuana Laws in Illinois


On January 2o14, Illinois legalized the use of medical marijuana in the state, becoming the twentieth state to allow the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Besides legalizing the use of marijuana, the authorities also allow MMJ cardholders to cultivate these plants. However, after getting the MMJ card, you must follow the below laws that the state’s Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act outlines:


The states allow MMJ cardholders to possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis products. The MMJ programs further state the adequate supply for the MMJ patient as 2.5 ounces, which you can purchase in the dispensaries. However, you can take more medical cannabis products if your physician recommends them.


Since 2020, the state authorities have allowed cardholders to cultivate medical marijuana. Nevertheless, the cultivation comes with some restrictions, where you can only cultivate up to five stems. Furthermore, you must grow the cannabis plants in an enclosed or locked space on your homestead.


Illinois doesn’t extend the state’s reciprocity to out-of-state residents. Thus, you can’t use a marijuana medical card from a different state or locality in Illinois. Importantly, you must have a valid Illinois MMJ card for you to purchase different medical marijuana products from the widespread dispensaries in the state. The laws allow all MMJ cardholders to possess an adequate medical cannabis supply of 2.5 ounces every 14 days. Furthermore, your physician can recommend more doses to help you alleviate your different debilitating conditions or symptoms.


Besides legalizing medical marijuana, the MMJ program in the state prohibits using these products in public spaces. Furthermore, the law prohibits the consumption of these products on school grounds, motor vehicles, etc. Lastly, the law will only allow minors under 21 years to possess or use medical marijuana under the guidance of a registered caregiver, who may be a legal guardian or parent.


Caregivers in Illinois


The authorities refer to a registered caregiver as a licensed person who can assist a qualified MMJ patient in buying and using the different medical marijuana products. The Illinois Department of Health reveals that a caregiver must be over 21 years old. Like the MMJ patient, this caregiver must provide proof of residing in the state by submitting a state identification card or driver’s license. During the application process, the caregiver will also undergo a fingerprint examination to prove that they don’t have a felony offense. Lastly, the caregiver must submit a passport photo and pay a $75 fee to complete the patient registration or $100 when applying without the MMJ patient.


The Illinois MMJ programs restrict caregivers to serving one patient at a time, and you’ll receive no compensation or return for the services.


Frequent Questions on Medical Marijuana in Illinois?


Are you a qualified MMJ patient? How can you get your medical cannabis card in Illinois?


Getting an MMJ card is straightforward after having a qualifying condition. You can start filling out the application form and schedule an appointment with a physician through the HappyMD platform. The physician will evaluate your health to ascertain the qualifying disease or condition. After approval, the practitioner will complete the state’s Physician Certification Form before receiving the recommendation form via email. You can use the recommendation to apply for the Illinois MMJ card in the state.


Can you grow cannabis after receiving the MMJ card?


No, the law prohibits growing marijuana. You must purchase all your marijuana products from certified state dispensaries collaborating with cultivation centers.


Can severe pain qualify you for the Illinois MMJ program?


Yes, chronic or severe pain is one of the qualifying conditions or symptoms for the medical marijuana card.


Do you have to keep your MMJ card updated after receiving it?


After approval, you must keep the MMJ card valid or updated by paying the required state fees.


How long does the medical marijuana card approval take?


The medical cannabis approval consultation is a brief process that may take 10-15 minutes.


What happens if you don’t get the approval?


You get your full fees back if the MMJ physicians don’t approve your applications. However, HappyMD has a high approval rate, as they have a network of highly qualified and experienced medical physicians to evaluate your qualifying conditions.


Can you drive while using medical cannabis?


No. The Illinois MMJ program prohibited driving or operating any machine, like a boat, aircraft, or vehicle, while under the influence of cannabis.


Can you still get a recommendation health primary physician who is not registered?


No. You’ll only get approval for medical cannabis from a physician who is registered with the state’s Medical marijuana program. The simplest way to get a registered and state-approved physician is by filling out the application form and scheduling an appointment through HappyMD.


Do you need medical records or proof to get the Illinois MMJ card?


Whether you require the medical records to get the MMJ card will depend on the recommending doctor. You can provide by uploading your medical records to prove the qualifying condition on the secure HappyMD platform.


What is the cost of applying for your MMJ card in Illinois?


The total cost of applying for the card is $189. This cost covers your consultation with a state-approved and licensed practitioner and the authorized medical cannabis certification after the approval.


Can you use medical cannabis in public?


No. the medical marijuana program in this state prohibits the use of medical cannabis in public places.


Where are cannabis dispensaries in Illinois? Are there some near you?


Illinois has numerous dispensaries spread across the state. You can check online for dispensaries near you.


What are the medical marijuana products types you can purchase after getting your card?


The state allows MMJ cardholders in Illinois to purchase various medicina marijuana products. Once you get the card, you can buy tinctures, topicals, edibles, oils, flowers, or concentrates.


Places to Visit in this State After Enjoying Your Medical Marijuana


Illinois mid-western regions have huge farmlands and rolling hills. More so, it hosts Chicago, the largest city in the United States. The state offers numerous fun centers, starting from the underground railroads, soaring skyscrapers, and part of the famed Route 66. You can also get to Springfield's capital, home of the former US president Abraham Lincoln, where you can enjoy historic stops connecting with the American's beloved leaders. Furthermore, you can choose to enjoy the good modern time in this city. After visiting the medical cannabis dispensary, visiting one of the below locations will enhance your trip experience:




Chicago offers more fun for locals and visitors, as it offers shopping centers, Magifceint Mile walk, famous high-end stores, and eateries to enhance your fun. You enjoy your time at this state by strolling through Millenium park, the City’s front yard. Furthermore, the city’s Navy Pier offers endless entertainment opportunities, such as riding sky-high Ferries wheels overlooking the water, eating frozen treats, etc.


Frank Lloyd Wright Tour


The state boasts some impressive historic building that makes walking around this historic city an adventure. The greatest architects, like Frank Lloyd Wright, designed these attractive buildings. You can enjoy your time by taking a tour of the architect's studio & home, walking through the Unity Temple, Robie House, and the famous edifices Wright in the city. You can choose a private or group tour, as the touring patrons provide you with the chance to take photos of the iconic buildings.


Route 66


Route 66, which the state paved in 1926, contains numerous roadside attractions running through Illinois. You can enjoy the attractions by driving through the Brooks Catsup Bottle or Standard Oil Gas Stations to get a glimpse of ancient Illinois. After a long driving period, you can get out of your vehicle, stretch, and walk down the Oakland Automobile Museum. Furthermore, you can have more fun enjoying the scenic roadside attractions like Old River Road and the Lincoln Highway, a renowned trails section that the American pioneers (William Clark & Meriwether Lewis) forged.




Evanston is the best place you can visit in Illinois to enjoy the charming downtown stretch. While strolling down the place, you’ll get a great selection of restaurants, music venues, and theaters. This place is also home to Northwestern University, where you’ll find the historic and attractive Grosse Point Lighthouse, where there are several shipwrecks. You’ll also enjoy the shallow Lake Michigan shoals en route to Chicago.




Quincy is the best location for enjoyment if you’re a nature lover. Designers built the locations bluffs overlooking River Mississippi ans having dogwood-lined stress and traditional German styles of fine architecture. The rich history the location bears and the attractive architecture makes it the best location to enjoy your time after visiting the medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. Despite the attractive architecture, the location also has an annual film festival, the heritage of blues music, fine theaters, etc.


Anderson Gardens


A certain businessman, Rockford John R. Anderson, inspired the design of these attractive Japanese Gardens. Several researchers rank it the finest Japanese garden in the country, having various attractive and creative water features, rock formations, and winding paths. You can also enjoy the numerous Japanese cloud pines, rhododendrons, magnolias, and maples. After enjoying your medical marijuana, it’s the best place to relax and enjoy yourself.


The Riverwalk


Riverwalk is one of the most scenic and peaceful places you can stroll in Illinois. This 1.75-mile brick pathway is an attractive landscape with bridges, artworks, fountains, and other features. You can enjoy the calm environment and attractive sites at this location. The cool outdoor patios overlooking several rivers enhance your experience, providing the best serving of ice cream and pub-style food. Lastly, renting paddleboats and kayaks can enhance your experience at the location.


A medical marijuana card in Illinois is vital to help you purchase and possess medical cannabis legally. Due to the long and complicated paperwork, many individuals find it challenging to get an MMJ card. HappyMD offers a straightforward and cost-effective online application process and renewing your Illinois MMJ card.


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