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How-to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

How-to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

Check out Apply for Your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card

You can easily get your Pennsylvania medical marijuana card by consulting a qualified and licensed medical marijuana physician in the State and get the approval or have your application fee back.

The State offers a straightforward application process that takes a few minutes. You can start the process by signing up, responding to a few questions, and booking an appointment for your Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis card.

Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania - You can join over 70,000 who enjoy HappyMD services online when applying for their MMJ card. The telemedicine platform has a 99% approval rate, or if the physicists don’t approve your condition, you get a 100% application fee back guarantee.

How to Find Get MMJ Certification in Pennsylvania

Schedule an appointment

When applying for the MMJ certification, the first step is to sign up online and schedule an appointment. HappyMD allows same-day appointments to ensure that you consult with the physician within 15 minutes after booking the appointment.

Talk to the Physician

The physicians at HappyMD will evaluate you to determine if your conditions qualify for the MMJ recommendation. This step involves a precise 10- 15 minute evaluation.

Receive your MMJ card

After approval, you’ll have to register with the state authorities before printing your temporary MMJ card. You can now use the certification to purchase various medical marijuana products at the state dispensaries.

Pennsylvania medical marijuana card

Getting Your Pennsylvania MMJ Card

HappyMD is currently offering the best telehealth evaluation in the State. The platform allows you to connect with the physician online via a video call on your tablet, smartphone, or computer. You can schedule your appointment online now to get started.

After booking the appointment, sign up and fill out the PA MMJ evaluation form. You can then have a video call evaluation with the physician to determine if your condition will qualify you for the PA MMJ certification.

Becoming a Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Patient

Before receiving your MMJ recommendation in PA, you’ll need to register with the state authorities to get an MMJ patient ID number. The authorities will use this application to synchronize and check the permit number with your PA driver’s license. Furthermore, the program will require you to sign up and consult with a qualified and authorized MMJ doctor. When signing in, remember to include the patient identification number.

After the signing up process, you can proceed to the State’s Department of Health site to fill out the application form after getting the physician’s recommendation. Additionally, you must include the certification data and a $50 application fee. The authorities will send your certification via your email after approving the application. The doctor's written letter of recommendation allows you to legally purchase your preferred medical cannabis at any dispensary across the State.

Medical marijuana dispensaries in PA offer marijuana in different forms, like cream, tinctures, ointments, pills, oils, and liquids. Initially, the law prohibited these dispensaries from selling dry forms of cannabis flowers. However, currently, you can purchase this marijuana form at any point, but you’ll only have to vaporize, not smoke.

The PA department of health licenses or regulates the MMJ program in this State. The State's health department approved and implemented the Medical Cannabis Program in PA on April 17, 2016. After the approval, the number of dispensaries is quickly growing in this State to provide patients with various debilitating conditions easy access to medical marijuana products.

It’ll be vital to understand that you’ll need a caregiver when applying for the MMJ program under 18 years. The caregiver will be responsible for accessing and picking the cannabis-based medication on your behalf. For the caregiver to participate in a legal acquisition and possession of medical marijuana, they must also apply for the MMJ program.

Become a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Pennsylvania

When applying as a caregiver in this State, it'll be essential to meet all the requirements. The authorities require you to be above 18 years and provide a valid ID or driver's license to prove your residency. Furthermore, to be able to purchase and possess marijuana on behalf of the minor MMJ patient, you must not have any criminal record. The law may not approve your application as a caregiver for a patient if the courts have earlier prosecuted you for an offense relating to possessing or selling narcotics or illegal drugs within the past five years. Furthermore, the law allows and approves a caregiver to assist up to five MMJ patients.

The MMJ program in the State indicates that the law can allow only up to two caregivers for an MMJ patient requiring help to use or purchase medical cannabis products. Remember, the caregiver must be above 21 years when applying and can only take care of a maximum of five MMJ patients.

After the authorities approve the caregivers, they can legally purchase, transport, possess or administer these products to the MM patients. Below is the state-approved application process for caregivers:

● Register for the MMJ program via the Registry of caregivers and patients.

● Provide a valid Identification card and driver’s permit having your present address to prove your residency.

● Have a complete background check for your criminal history.

● Pay a $50 registration fee for the MMJ card in the State.

After having the fingerprint appointment and the background check, it may take approximately four to six weeks to receive an approval notification to be a caregiver. 

Limitation of Possessing and Using Marijuana

The Marijuana laws prohibit the use of smokable marijuana products or forms. You can only use or purchase capsules, pills, ointment, liquids, syringe injectables, tinctures, oils, creams, and gels from the different dispensaries. The program may also allow you to vape cannabis flowers. Furthermore, the law outlines that caregivers and patients should only possess a maximum of a 30-day medical cannabis supply. Remember, marijuana edibles like chocolates and gummies are illegal in the State.

On February 4, 2022, the State's Department of Health sent a letter or message to patients with MMJ recommendations addressing the changes affecting the medical cannabis products in the different dispensaries. Various studies and researchers across the State reveal that the vaporized cannabis products had some ingredients or constituents that FDA doesn't approve for inhalations. Thus, the letter indicated that the MMJ program barred the dispensaries from selling these products and recalled them. You can research more to check if you’re using one of these illegal medical marijuana products.

Apply for Your Medical Cannabis Card

Growing Restrictions or Limits

The State is yet to legalize the home growing of cannabis

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card

Residency and age requirements

The MMJ program requires you to be residing in PA for the authorities to approve your MMJ recommendation in PA online. The program doesn’t have any age limitation or requirement when applying for the MMJ card. Nevertheless, if you’re below 18 years, you must present your legal guardian or parent to apply as your caregiver to purchase the drugs on your behalf. 

What is the initial step of applying for your MMJ card in Pennsylvania?

When applying for a PA MMJ recommendation, the first step is to get a proper evaluation from a qualified and licensed PA medical doctor. The physician will verify your conditions or health status before helping you to sign up at the State's Department of Health.

Registration at the PA Department of health

Before proceeding to the next application process, the initial step is to register at the Department of Health in the State. You'll need a valid email and present a valid state-issued ID or driver’s license to register and get approval as an MMJ patient. The program doesn’t offer any age restrictions or limitations for patients. Nonetheless, if you’re below 18 years, the law requires you to have a caregiver to help purchase and transport the medical marijuana products on your behalf. If you experience any issues registering or using the website, you can contact the support team.

How can you find a qualified and registered MMJ doctor in Pennsylvania?

You can easily get qualified and certified physicians for your MMJ recommendation application at HappyMD. Many MMJ patients find it challenging to get the appropriate and state-approved physicians to approve their medical card applications. HappyMD makes it easy to access state-qualified and approved medical doctors to approve your application. You can meet and connect with these medical physicians online through a video call. 

How-to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

Which individuals are eligible for the medical cannabis card in Pennsylvania

The MMJ program will only approve your application if you’re a resident of the commonwealth states and get approval from a licensed physician. After the approval, you can always show a valid MMJ recommendation to obtain your preferred medical cannabis products from the different available dispensaries.

Obtaining the medical cannabis patient number

After registering on the PA website, you’ll receive your six-digit MMJ patient ID number. After getting the number, you can now proceed with the MMJ physician evaluation and the state application. 

Can you register for the Pennsylvania medical marijuana card while at home?

Yes. You can easily register or apply for the MMJ certification by having up to two caregivers purchase the medical marijuana. Alternatively, you can choose a legal caregiver to apply for the card on your behalf.

What happens when the authorities don’t approve the application?

The telehealth platform offers a free consultation if the physician doesn’t approve your application. HappyMD has an extensive network of state-approved and highly qualified medical physicians to evaluate your conditions to check whether you qualify for the MMJ certification. If the physician doesn't approve your application, the team assures you of a guaranteed application fee refund.

Can chronic pain qualify you for the Pennsylvania medical cannabis card?

The PA MMJ program approves individuals with various chronic or severe diseases to use medical marijuana products. 

What is the cost of Applying for your MMJ Recommendation?

The total cost of applying for your MMJ certification in this State is $199. The cost comprises the medical evaluations, consultations with a state-approved & licensed practitioner, and the authorized certification fee.

Where can you get medical marijuana dispensaries in PA?

There are numerous dispensaries widespread across different locations in this State for you to purchase your products.

Conditions that Qualifies you for the PA MMJ Card

The PA MMJ programs require you to have at least one of the serious state-approved conditions to qualify for the medical cannabis card . Below are the conditions that can qualify you for the MMJ certification:

● Autism

● Anxiety disorders 

● Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

● Crohn’s disease

● Cancer, including remission therapy

● Intractable spasticity

● Epilepsy 

● Glaucoma 

● Spastic and Dyskinetic movement disorders


● Inflammatory bowel disease

● Intractable seizures

● Huntington’s disease

● Multiple sclerosis

● Neuropathies

● Neurodegenerative diseases

● Opioid use disorders 

● Neuropathies

● Sickle cell anemia

● Chronic or intractable pain

● Post-traumatic stress disorders 

● Terminal illness

● Tourette syndrome

● Parkinson’s disease

Medical documentation

When having a qualifying condition, you must present medical documentation before seeing or having the physician's evaluation. This medical documentation includes pill bottles, medical records, diagnosis letters from a qualified physician, or office visit summaries. 

Additional Information about Cannabis in PA

Since the legislatures passed the Tom Wolf bill in 2016, the State has provided the MMJ patient with a detailed MMJ program and guidelines. The program allows individuals having serious medical complications to access medical marijuana through effective, legal, and safe delivery methods. These methods will enable the patient to balance the need for accessing the latest therapies and the patient’s safety or care.

The Wolf bill was aiming at furthering marijuana law reforms. The reforms were to allow the residents to expunge the cannabis possession charges and to decriminalize the possession of marijuana. However, the bill didn’t outline the timeframe for achieving these objectives. Wolf has become famous for pardoning individuals having cannabis charges or prosecution. He performs the pardoning through the Non-violent Marijuana-Related Offenses Expedited Review Program but has dreams of expanding the program.

Later the State's Senate passed the PA House of representative law with a massive 149 to 46 votes. The bill allowed the medical marijuana dispensaries to start operations on February 15, 2018, to sell these producers to the numerous MMJ patients in the State. 

Nevertheless, until 2018, the law only allowed the dispensaries to sell non-smokable cannabis forms, like ointments or tinctures. The legislatures later eliminated this law allowing qualified MMJ patients to buy up to a 30-day cannabis product in multiple forms, like smokable, edible, or topical.

In 2018, the law further allowed MMJ patients to access cannabis flowers, but only in vaporizable form. The law still restricts the purchase and use of edibles, like chocolates, gummies, and other snacks. Furthermore, the law prohibits private weed cultivation, but the legislature has introduced the Medical cannabis home cultivation bill to push for changes. If the bill passes, it’ll allow patients above 21 years to cultivate up to six cannabis stems in locked and enclosed spaces at their homestead. The law also proposes the authorities allow the MMJ patients to purchase seeds from the dispensaries.

The law still prohibits the residents from using recreational cannabis, but residents are coming up with various initiatives to legalize its use. In February 2022, the legislature initiated a bill that the Senate is still discussing to allow recreational use of cannabis. Many state representatives are backing it up, but the bill might take long to see the light.

The Medical Cannabis Program in Pennsylvania

The Department of Health in this State oversees this essential MMJ program. You can apply for the program if you’re above 18 years and have at least one of the state-approved qualifying conditions. However, the law requires you to have a patent certification from an approved and qualified practitioner who validates your medical records or conditions before the application.

After getting your MMJ card, you buy medical cannabis products from any dispensary across the State. The program allows you to have a 30-day cannabis supply at a time. Despite having the MMJ certification, the law still prohibits you from cultivating weeds for recreational use. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Health provides the medicinal cannabis card to patients and caregivers. You can register as a caregiver if you're above 21 years, residing in the State, and you've passed the background check. The program allows caregivers to purchase and possess medical marijuana products for minors or patients unable to get them independently.

Places to Tour or Visit after Enjoying Your Medical marijuana 

Many individuals refer to the State as the Home of the Liberty Bell. The State has various features ranging from the bell, Independence National Park, to the Gettysburg National Military parks that make this keystone. You can also find the famous Philadelphia Museum of Art, common for Picasso, Cezanne, Rembrandt, and Renoir's works. The State is also home to the speaking art, Architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s sculpture house, and falling waters in the woods. Besides the entertainment, the State also allows you to have educational fun by visiting 45 acres of tourists, the State Capitol complex, and other tourist attractions. After taking your medical cannabis from one of the clinics, you can enjoy your time at these locations. 


If you’re feeling more patriotic, the Independence Hall is the appropriate place to visit in the United States. It’s where the lawmakers signed the Declaration of Independence and authored the Constitution. You can get more of the American’s first-year history at the Benjamin Franklin Museum. Furthermore, you can visit the National Museum adjacent to the historic center to learn about American Jewish history and stories about the individuals or kings who fought for independence. 


You can drive through this Amish State in the Lancaster town to enjoy a peaceful time on the beautiful PA plains. Its home to PA Railroad Museum and has more than 100 locomotives. Strasbourg also has the Toy Train National Museum, which offers various special events and hands-on exhibits year-round to make it an exciting place. The Amish beauty and culture crown the one-hour drive to this countryside. 

Getting your card

After the medical physician approves your prescription, you must get to the state medical marijuana portal online to complete the application. You'll have to register online with the Department of Health in the State after completing the application and pay a $50 application fee. The program offers a little discount on the application fee if you’ve participated in government programs like PACE/PACENET, WIC, SNAP, CHIP, and Medicaid, through the Medical Marijuana Assistance Program. 

After approving the application, the state authorities will mail you the MMJ card to allow you to purchase medical cannabis legally from the different dispensaries across the State. The authorities might take a few days to several weeks to send your MMJ card. The duration may vary with the number of MMJ patient applications.

Remember that the MMJ certification expires after one year, and you’ll have to renew it by scheduling another evaluation with a qualified physician. Offering offers the best services to help you avoid having an expired card by getting in touch with you when your MMJ card is about to expire, to help you set a proper renewal evaluation and consultation.

Getting a Registered and Qualified MMJ Doctor in Pennsylvania

When applying for the PA MMJ card, getting an evaluation and certification from a qualified and state-licensed physician is the initial step. 

Nevertheless, you might find it challenging to find the appropriate practitioner to certify your condition. HappyMD provides the best solution, as they offer online telehealth visits to enable you to see or have a medical evaluation with your MMJ physician in the safety and comfort of your house. This platform makes the process of searching for a qualified physician straightforward.

If you have any qualifying medical conditions and can provide a diagnosis or medical proof of their existence, then you’re eligible for the MMJ card. The platform has a huge network of medical doctors who’ll perform a precise evaluation of your health condition, review the medical documentation you provide, and later certify you for the medical cannabis rec if you qualify. Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania 

Get the Medical Evaluation

The licensed and qualified marijuana physicians at HappyMD will evaluate you based on your qualifying conditions and current health state. The physician will also base the evaluation on your medical history and the medical documentation you provide for the evaluation. The physicians will certify you immediately after the approval and can also help you register with the State as an MMJ patient.


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