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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Virginia 2022

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Virginia 2022

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Virginia 2022

The Easy Way to Get a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

Virginia Medical Marijuana Card:  A medical marijuana recommendation is essential to help you purchase, possess, and use marijuana legally. So, are you interested in obtaining your MMJ certification

If you’re interested in getting your MMJ certification, you’re in the right place. This article provides a valuable guide on explaining the procedure of applying for and obtaining your MMJ recommendation. Read through to get accurate and up-to-date information on MMJ.

Getting Your Medical Card Online through HappyMD


Applying for your medical marijuana recommendation is very simple. It involves talking to a licensed and registered medical cannabis physician to get the approval or have your money back

You can start the application process in a few minutes. The process involves signing up, responding to a few questions, and booking your appointment.


How to Get a Medical Rec

The process of getting your MMJ rec involves:

Registering online at HappyMD

Registering online at HappyMD is a straightforward and quick way to get your MMJ rec in this state. Besides offering a straightforward option, the platform secures your medical records and data in its state-of-the-art telehealth system.


Talk about medical cannabis with your physician

Schedule an appointment with a certified MMJ doctor. HappyMD charges $149 for the examination.


Get your MMJ certification from HappyMD

After attending your online appointment or evaluation, the state-approved MMJ physician will provide you with a medical marijuana certificate. HappyMD offers a quick, HIPAA-compliant, and simple process. Remember, most physician appointments take less than 15 minutes.


Use the certification to shop

After getting your government-issued ID and written certification, you can use them to shop from your preferred shop. The state has now launched the digital certification from July 1, 2022.

 Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Virginia 2022

Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Certification 


VA authorities restrict recreational marijuana users from purchasing cannabis products legally until 2024.


While the state applies a 21% excise tax on various recreational marijuana products, medical cannabis products don’t come with any taxes.


Recently, Governor Northam signed a bill making it legal for VA businesses to take adverse or punitive actions against employees with a valid MMJ certification and present a positive THC test result following a routine drug screening. However, the law exempts some businesses and employers.


Higher quality marijuana products


Higher cannabis possession limits


Increasing the minimum age from 21 to 18 years


Why Should You Possess an MMJ Card in 2022 With the State Legalizing Adult Marijuana Use?


‘Do I Still Need an MMJ certification Now That Recreational Cannabis is Legal in VA’ is a vital blog post that explains the difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.


With the MMJ certification in VA, you don’t have to wait for recreational cannabis to become available. The rec allows you to access various medical cannabis products. Let’s look at the benefits of the VA medical cannabis program:


Dispensary access


The MMJ products require that you purchase all medical marijuana products from licensed and state-approved dispensaries. Studies show that this state's Department of Health Professions supports medical marijuana use. The experts refer to it as a successful and low-risk treatment alternative for most medical conditions that a registered physician feels can alleviate the symptoms.


In addition, with the  MMJ recommendation, you can access various cannabis dispensaries and get your preferred medical marijuana products. Most state-licensed cannabis dispensaries usually have a wide range of medical cannabis products in varying potencies and strengths. For instance, these dispensaries will have products ranging from marijuana tinctures, oils, suppositories, flowers, gels, patches, and gels.


Legal protection


A valid  MMJ rec makes it easier for law enforcers to recognize and confirm that you’re an approved and registered patient with the state’s Medical Cannabis Control Program. Thus, law enforcers can allow you to purchase, possess, transport, and consume your preferred medical marijuana products.


Importantly, the state allows MMJ rec holders to have higher possession limits. Besides enjoying legal purchases, possession, and consumption, the MMJ program has also formulated laws to prevent employers from punishing employees or workers for consuming medical marijuana while having an MMJ recommendation.


About Medical Cannabis in Virginia


This state has a versatile MMJ program with some functionality semblance. Furthermore, various individuals have started a movement advocating the liberalization of the MMJ qualification process in the post covid era. The movement has proposed a verbal telehealth evaluation and recommendation to enhance adherence to social distancing measures and retain proper access to medical marijuana products for the patients.


Despite the numerous medical marijuana benefits, most physicians in VA are usually reluctant to recommend patients the treatment alternative due to legal issues. Nevertheless, HappyMD has made it effortless and quick to find an MMJ physician in the state.


The VA MMJ program has decriminalized possessing less than half-ounce of marijuana as they regard it for personal use. Furthermore, the state has legalized adult-use and recreational marijuana, but they’ve restricted the purchase until 2024.


Nevertheless, the state doesn’t have a particular program for legalizing medical cannabis. Instead, the state offers an Affirmative Defense that allows certain individuals to purchase and possess various marijuana oils with a licensed VA physician’s permission or recommendation. Besides the doctor’s medical marijuana certificate, you must also get the Va Board of Pharmacy to claim the Affirmative Defense. Many groups and legislatures have been calling for the state to fully legalize cannabis in the state, though it may take some time. However, the state will have a fully-fledged


MMJ program after some time.


Remember, VA is yet to legalize recreational marijuana use. Thus, possessing cannabis without enrollment in the state’s MMJ program may result in punitive federal charges.


Experts reveal that affirmative defense offers a reason to dismiss or lower the different charges the state levies on individuals possessing small cannabis products. Thus, it’ll be appropriate for anyone suffering from the conditions the state MMJ programs list to apply for the certification.


Marijuana laws and Cannabis Legalization Status in The State


Before the COVID-19 outbreak, this state had one of the most restrictive MMJ programs in the United States. However, the state began decriminalizing small marijuana amounts before the pandemic. The restrictions included fining residents with the lowest fine in the country ($25) and having limited qualifying conditions. Nevertheless, the situation changed, allowing the broad list of qualifying conditions that allow MMJ physicians to approve the treatment based on your health.


Under the SB 1557 Bill, the state’s MMJ program authorizes licensed nurse practitioners and physician assistants to issue a written medical marijuana certification for THC-A and Cannabidioioil use. Furthermore, the Bill further requires the Va Pharmacy boards to promulgate the regulations that establish dosage limitations. The regulation will require that all THC-A and cannabidiol dispensed doses don’t exceed 10mg of THC.


On April 7, 2021, the VA state house voted a bill creating an automatic expungement or removal of all misdemeanor criminal records. The law allowed convicted residents to expunge the records with the law enforcers and VA stated regarding cannabis possession. The expungement of these charges was to start on July 1, 2022, while all cannabis possession charges expungement is set to start before July 1, 2026.


Besides the decriminalization, the state has approved the cultivation, manufacturing, and sale of retail cannabis sales, which are set to commence on January 1, 2024.


Later in April 2022, Gov Youngkin approved two legislation pieces, SB671 and HB933. The legislation removes the requirement for all MMJ patients to have a Board of Pharmacy registration after getting their written MMJ certification.


The VA Board of Pharmacy posted an update on their website stating that from July 1, 2022, all medical marijuana patients, caregivers, legal guardians, or parents aren’t required to have the Board of Pharmacy registration. However, patients and caregivers will require a written physician’s certification and government-issued ID to obtain MMJ products from a licensed and state-approved dispensary. Remember that you won’t have to provide proof of registration after presenting these documents.


You can receive your physical medical marijuana certification by registering for it at the Board of Pharmacy. Remember, the cost of obtaining the MMJ recommendation is $50.


When looking for your MMJ rec application, check out the dispensary locator to identify your preferred state MMJ dispensary near you.


What are the Qualifying Conditions For the MMJ Recommendation?


This state has been allowing a specified medical assistant or professional doctor to diagnose and recommend THC-infused and CBD-infused oils. The program has broadened the list of conditions patients can use medical marijuana to alleviate. Below are the common conditions or diseases the state allows patients to use medical marijuana alternative:


● Cancer


● Anxiety


● Chronic pain


● Glaucoma


● Epilepsy


● Menopause


● Rheumatoid arthritis


● Muscle spasms


The state also recognizes seizures, chemotherapy, and depression as additional qualifying conditions.


Besides having at least one qualifying condition, you must also prove your residency by producing a valid state identification or driver’s license.


Possession and Cultivation


With the licensed or registered physician's permission to obtain cannabis oil, it doesn’t allow you to possess cannabis legally in the state. The recommendation provides you legal protection or exempts you from criminal prosecution after law enforcers arrest you on marijuana charges.


The THC-A or CBD oils, which come as a dispensed dose, must have at least 5mg THC-A or cannabidiol and 10mg of THC.


Remember, state authorities allow products to come in various formulations in state pharmacies. These formulations include tinctures, gels, creams, lozenges, patches, torches, lollipops, suppositories, sprays, tablets, and capsules. The program allows patients to receive approximately a 90-day marijuana supply per visit. However, you must have a valid MMJ physician certification.


Despite having the MMJ recommendation, the affirmative defense doesn’t apply to food products, flowers, or preparations away from the legal cannabinoid amounts.


Since July 1, 2021, the state has been offering cannabis flowers to valid MMJ patients. Despite the authorities legalizing recreational marijuana, residents can't purchase or access the products until 2024.


Registering as an MMJ caregiver 


The MMJ program requires that a state-registered patient designate a caregiver as an assistant for approval during the application. Remember, your caregiver must provide residency by presenting their state ID or valid driver’s license.


The caregiver must include copies of the patient's birth certificate during the application when applying on behalf of a minor. The laws restrict caregivers from registering to simultaneously offer help for at most two patients. During the application, caregivers will have to pay $25 as application fees when applying as a legal guardian or parent to the applicant below 18 years.


Accessing Medical Cannabis


Like most states, VA has adopted a formal and detailed medical marijuana program. The state’s Department of Health Professions and the Va Pharmacy Board oversee the certification process. However, since July 1, 2022, the patients don’t have to wait for the Pharmacy Board certification.


You just require a valid written certification to allow legal possession and use of medical marijuana products. After getting the registered MMJ physician’s recommendation certificate, you can present it to any state medical marijuana dispensary to access your preferred products.


The law allows a registered patient to access a 90-day CBD oil or THC-A oil supply. Alternatively, the registration allows you to access four ounces of botanical marijuana or flowers for 30 days.


What Should You Expect During the Online Medical Cannabis Evaluation Appointment?


Studies show that most individuals and patients are usually nervous when it comes to applying for and getting their MMJ rec. However, you can read the HappyMD review to understand how easy the platform's application and evaluation process is. The platform has competent, caring, and compassionate marijuana doctors who allow you to get appropriate treatment without straining.


You’ll virtually meet the physician during the appointment or evaluation via your computer or phone. The MMJ doctor will review your medical history to understand why medical marijuana is vital for your needs. The practitioner will send you a written and signed MMJ certification to your email after feeling that medical marijuana will benefit or alleviate your conditions. You can now use the written MMJ certification to get the Board of Pharmacy certification and start accessing state dispensaries for your preferred products.


What Forms and Details Do You Require When Applying For the MMJ Cert?


Below are the appropriate requirements the state’s Board of Pharmacy requires to receive a MMJ cert:


● A filled-out medical cannabis application form


● A physician signed and completed medical cannabis certification


● A valid driver’s license and unexpired state ID


Remember that you must submit proof of residence, like bank statements, official mail, or utility bills, if your driver’s license or address doesn’t match your Identification or you have an out-of-state ID.




This state doesn't recognize or allow MMJ recs, recommendations, or certificates from other states.


However, you can use the state’s MMJ digital ID in some states with medical cannabis program reciprocity or allow out-of-state MMJ recs. The digital nature of the MMJ ID doesn’t guarantee acceptance.


Below are some of the states that recognize or accept out-of-state medical cannabis certifications:


● Michigan


● Nevada


● Arizona


● Massachusetts


● Montana


● New Jersey


● Oklahoma


● New Mexico


● Puerto Rico


● Maine


● New Hampshire


● Utah


● Washington, D.C


● The U.S. Virgin Islands


● Rhode Island


Nevertheless, reciprocity doesn’t allow you to buy marijuana for non-medical uses at the state- dispensaries. Despite the legal protection for MMJ certification holders, purchasing adult-use marijuana results in fines and punishments. Thus, it’ll be good to research or call the dispensary of the state you plan to visit if you’re an MMJ patient from another state and plans to buy these products in the visiting state.


Studies show that the qualifying conditions usually match in these reciprocity states, making your conditions acceptable in the state you plan to visit, making your recommendation not valid or necessary. Regardless of your home state, you must adhere to the medical marijuana laws of the visiting state.


Below are some of the states accepting out-of-state applications to allow all visiting MMJ patients applications to enable them to use their preferred medical marijuana productions during their stay:


● West  VA(for cancer MMJ patients alone)


● Hawaii


● California


● Arkansas


How Can You Apply For the MMJ Rec?


The state restricts the MMJ program for VA residents alone. You must provide your valid email address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, and full name during the application. Furthermore, you must present your state-issued ID or parent/guardian consent for minors below 18 years. Remember also to present a statement bearing your residency and age. After gathering the necessary documents, book an appointment with a HappyMD physician to assess or review your medical condition or ailment.


How Long Does a HappyMD Physician Consultation Take?


The medical evaluation with a HappyMD physician takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Importantly, the platform offers a free consultation if the physician doesn’t approve your condition. HappyMD has a wide network of state-registered and qualified MMJ practitioners willing to evaluate your condition or health to check if you qualify for the MMJ program. The telehealth platform boasts a 99% approval rate and a full fee refund for unapproved applications.


Can You Get an MMJ Recommendation From an Unregistered Primary Care Physician?


No. The state only allows VA MMJ program registered practitioners to approve medical marijuana for patients. With HappyMD providing qualified and state-approved physicians, you don't have to consider your unregistered primary care health practitioner.


Do VA Authorities Consider Chronic Pain as a Qualifying Condition?


Your registered MMJ physician is responsible for determining the disease and conditions that can benefit from medical cannabis use.


Do You have to Present Medical Records to Qualify For the MMJ Recommendation?


You can provide medical records or proof if you have them. However, if you don’t have a physician, it will help you establish them.


What are the Charges For Using the HappyMD Platform?


You have to pay $149 to access the HappyMD platform. The cost covers the medical evaluation, a licensed & state-registered practitioner consultation, and an authorized or valid MMJ certification.


Where Can You Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in the State? Can You Find One Near You?


Authorities have allowed MMJ dispensaries to open doors to customers. Besides Virginia dispensaries, you can get your products from Washington DC dispensaries as the state offers reciprocity to VA residency. You can always research online for a dispensary near you.


What are the Different Medical Cannabis Products You can Purchase at Virginia Dispensaries?


This state currently allows a wide range of medical marijuana types across the statewide dispensaries. These products include tinctures, vape products, topicals, edibles, concentrates, and extracts. Despite the numerous medical marijuana forms, the state still doesn’t approve cannabis flowers in dispensaries.


What Does the Online Medical Cannabis Evaluation Appointment Entail?


You'll discuss your condition and medical history with the physician during the online medical cannabis evaluation. The physicians will provide written and signed MMJ certifications if they believe medical marijuana will help alleviate your condition. You can then use the certification to access your preferred medical cannabis products.


What is a Virginia MMJ Card?


It’s a unique identification form that shows your valid registration with the state Board of Pharmacy to use medical marijuana to alleviate your conditions. You require this rec to access your preferred medical marijuana products in the state dispensaries.


This cert enhances legal protection when purchasing and possessing medical marijuana in the state. Remember, new protection laws protect MMJ cert holders from punishment from their employers due to the marijuana drug test result.


What is the Best Platform to Apply and Get Your Virginia MMJ Certification in 2022?


Experts and prior customers reveal that HappyMD has been the best platform to get a medical cannabis physician recommendation in VA. The platform has one of the most effective and streamlined processes. Besides straightforward processes, HappyMD offers affordable charges, provides free physician letters, and has a compassionate staff that cares much about helping VA residents to receive this appropriate natural medical marijuana treatment affordably and safely.


The platform has a 5-star rating and reviews on various platforms, as prior patients believe it helps create significant differences in life. You can check what patients say about the platform on The Better Business Bureau, Google, etc.


HappyMD is the appropriate platform to help you if you have a diagnosis or conditions that medical marijuana can alleviate. You can book your appointment immediately and talk to the registered and state-approved MMJ physicians to check if you qualify for the MMJ rec. Remember, the platform offers 100% refundable appointments if the doctors turn down the medical marijuana recommendation.


How Can You Get Medical Cannabis Approval in Virginia When having a Qualifying Condition?


Getting your MMJ approval involves a straightforward process. The process involves scheduling an online MMJ evaluation or consultation with HappyMD to confirm if your condition makes you eligible for medical cannabis treatment in the state. Since the state doesn’t have a medical marijuana qualifying condition list, it becomes easy for your condition to qualify for the MMJ treatment. Remember, the platform guarantees you a full refund or money-back guarantees if the registered and licensed physician doesn’t approve your condition for medical marijuana use.


Up to now, cannabis use is still illegal . It’s a criminal misdemeanor to possess marijuana. Nonetheless, it’s not illegal to possess less than half-ounce of cannabis, as the authorities presume it’s for personal use. However, it’ll be wise to check on the marijuana legalization updates.

Getting your mmj recommendation is very straight forward with HappyMD!  Sign up today - talk to a doctor - get your medical certificate.


Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Virginia 2022

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