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Submitted by Melissa P on 05/18/2022

Thanks so much

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Quick and easy!

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Amazing Service

Super easy and fast. Loved the service i received, would never choose any other place to get my card. 100% Recommend for anyone looking for a fast way to receive it. 

Submitted by Julissa Padilla on 02/14/2024

Quick mmj card service

2x returning patient and they hold it down thank you I needed referral for pain management!

Submitted by Gabe on 02/09/2024

So Happy

Amazing customer service/doctor.  The process was easy and pain free.  No issues. The Doctor was nice and understanding.  

Submitted by Stacey on 01/23/2024

Happy MD

Outstanding service,it is easy and private.

Submitted by Daniel on 01/17/2024

Great service

Best easy service to use, and friendly

Submitted by Teddy on 01/11/2024

Chronic pain relieve

Submitted by Alfredo Vazque on 01/06/2024

Great Doctor with Great service

He’s a great Doctor to work with , my 2nd year with him no complaints just great response time.

Submitted by Terry W on 12/22/2023

Simple ?

It was quick and easy. 

Submitted by Angelo on 12/18/2023


Doctor was very helpful and nice got approved this place isn’t a scam !

Submitted by Ana on 12/07/2023

Happy for the services

The process for the cannabis recommendation was fast and easy! Speaking with a doctor and afterwards accessing medicine and advice was so valuable and necessary! So grateful for everyone. Thank you!

Submitted by Tim Camuso on 12/05/2023

Service was good and exactly what i needed

I could not be any happier with my experience and would highly recommend using Happy MD!

Submitted by Ruben Hernandez on 12/01/2023

Five stars

Very quick and helpful happy i chose them.

Submitted by Aaliyah on 11/04/2023


Incredible incredible service!

Submitted by Faz on 10/30/2023


I went to another company and they jerked me around and I had to keep leaving my personal and financial information. In the end they didn’t help me at all. Happy MD is awesome. They don’t treat you like you don’t matter. I started having seizures and I really need my card. I’m so relieved. Highly recommend! Diana Shapazian 

Submitted by Diana S on 09/15/2023

Excellent Service

My interactions with HappyMD have been very good and I appreciate the valuable service they provide. I had a very nice chat with the Doctor (coincidentally just hours after another surgery) who was very kind, polite, and expedient.I look forward to speaking with them again next year!

Submitted by Arin R on 09/08/2023

Thank you

Submitted by Rachelle Rouleau on 08/30/2023

Made my day

The process was so quick and easy no stress just had to hear me out even got feedback for other situations was amazing thank you so very much for your time and you have a blessed wonderful life

Submitted by Unemployed on 08/29/2023

Best day ever

My experience with HappyMD was great.I was treated very well. They were very understanding of .my condition. Thanks HappyMD!

Submitted by David on 08/29/2023

Affordable, fast and easy

I got my recommendation in under and hour, easy to set up, and affordable. Can't complain

Submitted by Alisha R on 08/29/2023


Easy to fill out forms.

Submitted by John Ferguson on 08/23/2023

Best service

Very easy setup and service for renewal! Thank you for making it possible for me to understand 

Submitted by Marcy on 08/23/2023

Quick and Easy

I have been getting my Medical card for 5 or 6 years now and this was very people friendly. Thanks

Submitted by Sandy on 08/22/2023

Fast and easy

I love how easy it was to apply and how fast the turn around to get my recommendation.

Submitted by Khanh Tran on 08/15/2023

Happy Renewal

Would like to UPDATE my previous rating this issue has been resolved - the staff is amazing thanks for ur help :) 

Submitted by Tonya M on 08/04/2023


I have complete confidence in the MD’s at Hapay MD!

Submitted by Michael M on 07/28/2023

The Best Of The Best

Just wanted to say that Happy MD is the very Best !!! 

Submitted by Bill Kaanoi on 07/22/2023

The Best

Submitted by Retired on 07/21/2023


Thanks so much for resolving my issues in a timely manner. Very much appreciated!!

Submitted by Keri B on 07/17/2023


Just wanted to share with everyone if you need help getting your Medical Card !!! HAPPY MD is the Place!!!  Thank you HAPPY MD!!!     THE  BEST PLACE TO GET YOUR MEDICAL CARD....

Submitted by No Name on 07/12/2023

Very helpful

Thank you for the help.

Submitted by Anthony W on 07/05/2023

Excellent service

I have renewed my medical card twice and I had no issues! They get back to you fast and they are helpful. 

Submitted by Azria H on 06/30/2023

Great experience

Takes very little time to get approved and reasonably priced 

Submitted by Laura T on 06/29/2023


Great customer service.  The doctor was very easy to talk to and I felt like he listened to what I had to say about my body and my wishes to remain off opioids or any other addictive drug. 

Submitted by Susan V on 06/25/2023


So legit 

Submitted by David I on 06/05/2023

Medical card quick and effortless

The doctors were very sincere and kind towards me also being very quick with questioning and getting straight to it. Loved the process and overall way the doctors handled every moment. 

Submitted by Alexander on 06/02/2023


Easy fast and effective .

Submitted by Devante R on 05/30/2023

Helping for the fact of helping

I appreciate the kind hearted and care given to me. Less of a job and more the sake of helping. This helps me through some tough times. I just wanted to share.Thank you

Submitted by Steve Collins on 05/12/2023


HappyMD is my absolute favorite Dr! He is Professional, Efficient, Patient, and Very Kind.This is my “Go To” for my 420 Card!Thank you so much for caring enough to help me through some “tech issues” and getting to me right away!the dr was Amazing, and I look forward to talking with to him next year. ????????

Submitted by Geraldine R on 05/12/2023

Happy MD review

Present experience, would recommend Happy MD to my friends and family.

Submitted by Victoria P on 05/08/2023

Renewal 2023

Easy process, nice DR., professional

Submitted by Timothy A on 05/06/2023

Absolutely amazing

My regular doctor simply didn't even want to address my chronic pain anxiety and insomnia issues. I was prescribed trazadone which had terrible side effects and he was fine with my taking nyquil every night. I am so glad I found HappyMD to help manage my issues. The doctor actually took the time to hear about my history and issues.

Submitted by Z Bayan on 04/27/2023

Absolutly wonderful

Fast service great attitudes and wonderful over all expierence ! Thank YOU for helping keep it legal :)

Submitted by Tonya R M on 04/16/2023


Friendly, helpful and fast.

Submitted by Jose on 04/09/2023

Fast and easy

Awesome and fast experience

Submitted by Janine Vasquex on 03/30/2023

fast & reliable

Super fast, process was 10 minutes and then i waited for a call. done. Thanks!!

Submitted by Dm on 03/28/2023

Great service

Great service fast response very welcoming

Submitted by Shantell on 03/28/2023

Thank you

I have been with Happy MD for a couple of years now, and I must say I wont never go back to the way I used to do it going to places and try to get a card being disabled. It’s hard to get around and with Happy, MD I’m able to do it through the computer. I also recommended Happy MD to my daughter and to my grandchildren. Yes they are of legal age. Thank you again Happy MD. I don’t know what I would do without you guys. I appreciate you so much. Thank you.

Submitted by Debra Gonzales on 03/27/2023

Happy MD weed

It was pretty good but the guy on the phone who called me helped the most 

Submitted by Sierra on 03/20/2023

Easy and clean

The process was super easy on the website and the doctor who contacted me was fast and professional 

Submitted by Auver on 03/15/2023

Very reliable

I was in need of a reputable verification online and was emensly satisfied with their verification process and respose time.

Submitted by Rik N on 03/14/2023

Needed help

I think everything is ok. Still need to use, to verify. I’m guessing the print out is as good as the card. 

Submitted by Lela on 03/08/2023

Quick and Easy

Great service, quick and easy

Submitted by Ac on 03/08/2023

Must go to

this company is very easy to use 

Submitted by Conner on 03/01/2023

Happy 1

Really good at getting back to you soon I love it.

Submitted by Rodney C on 02/24/2023

Easy Medical Card Renewal

It was very easy and fast medical card, did it online - very friendly staff.

Submitted by Danielh B on 02/15/2023

Excellent Medical Card service

EXcellent people very nice

Submitted by Candice on 02/07/2023

Quick response

Submitted by Joshua on 02/05/2023

Good Service

Pleasant, Reliable, Professional, Great Attitude!!!

Submitted by Mario Garcia on 02/04/2023


I was more than pleasantly surprised how efficiently and quickly this process took to complete. I needed a card so I could get the products that require a medical marijuana card since the laws change in January.  Thank you!

Submitted by Cfern on 02/01/2023

Happy Thoughts

Nothing like living a Happy Healtheier life! I believe cannabis has help med me stay physically hhealthy y 

Submitted by Lyn on 01/24/2023


Good service definitely not a scam easy to use definitely recommend....

Submitted by Temp on 01/24/2023

Great service

Great service thank you 

Submitted by Alex on 01/06/2023

renew req

Best on line dr 's visit ive ever had , Super easy 

Submitted by Roxanna G on 12/27/2022

Couldn’t be happier

I am always so pleased with how easy it is to renew my MMJ card with HappyMD. The website makes it really simple and easy to upload the ID and the doctor is so responsive and kind. HappyMD is definitely where it’s at!

Submitted by Susan on 12/21/2022

Great Service

Fast and easy would recommend to anyone!!

Submitted by Anthony on 12/20/2022

Thanks so much

Wonderful doctor 

Submitted by Delron A on 12/18/2022

Great service

Fast and reliable

Submitted by Adelaine on 12/18/2022


I was treated very respectfully the call went through very well and the call was nice and quick amazing medical card service

Submitted by Alfred M on 12/08/2022


I love happy md!!!

Submitted by Alejandro Rodriguez on 11/28/2022

Renewed my license

This doctors services were phenomenal. The doctor was quick to call me and very, very pleasant experience!! He even called me on Thanksgiving to complete my application. Kudos to this site. 5 stars to this whole process. Thank you so very much. Sending more people to enjoy your services. 

Submitted by Linda L. R on 11/24/2022

Amazingly fast and super friendly

I'm definitely going to use this service from now on.

Submitted by Matthew S on 11/19/2022


It was very fast and easy to fill out the forms online get the phone call from the doctor verify the information that I put online 2 thumbs up

Submitted by Philip G on 11/19/2022

This is the best way to go.........

Very professional and very helpful. They call you and review your status then let you know upfront about everything. I recommend this to everyone that's looking. So stop reading this and sign up..........Best regards,Patient 

Submitted by Ofa on 11/18/2022

Medical Cannabis Recommendation

Great experience!

Submitted by Steve on 11/17/2022


Excellent job and fast thank you 

Submitted by Alijah on 11/03/2022

HappyMD repeat customer

This is the fastest way to a video chat or phone call ???? right away to get you what you need. I needed a renewel of just the $39.99 with a 10% discount for renewing with HappyMD. It is really simple and the whole process takes no longer than 20 mins from start to finish.  A very easy process. Thanks happymd from another satisfied customer.5 stars!!

Submitted by Kim J on 10/29/2022

fast service


Submitted by Hailey B on 10/29/2022


They were really fast with verifying my r  Rec card to me 

Submitted by Brayden J on 10/20/2022

The best around

Fast and amazing service for a medical card

Submitted by . on 10/13/2022

Thank you

I had a great experience with the person who helped me, I have G.A.D and crippling anxiety and I felt very comfortable talking to him. 

Submitted by Kiera Nolan on 09/21/2022

Very helpful and friendly

The whole process was quick fast and inefficient. Answered all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend their services. 

Submitted by Rick T. on 09/20/2022


Dr was very nice and approved me fast

Submitted by Joshua on 09/19/2022

Thank you

It was fast to talk to to a real doctor and super professional thank you

Submitted by Joe on 09/19/2022

Happy MD

Apply for a medical card. It was simple and easy to apply online.

Submitted by John F on 09/17/2022

Very helpful and convenient

What can I say, other than I had a very pleasant experience and the process was easy and simple. 

Submitted by Casey on 09/08/2022

Pretty fast for a holiday weekend! Great job!

Waited a little over 24 hours on a holiday weekend. Signed up Saturday morning and contacted Sunday afternoon.  Doctor was nice and I had a card shortly after!  Thank you HappyMD!

Submitted by Satisfied Customer on 09/07/2022


Thank you for the speed.Randy

Submitted by Randall George Clough on 08/30/2022

A godsend!

happy MD was very easy to find online. I am very grateful to happy Andy for the quick response to my email. Thank you for all that you do and God bless you!

Submitted by Christopher Casner on 08/27/2022

5 Star Service

Easy fast and inexpensive. 5 Star Service 

Submitted by Spliffs Farms on 08/27/2022

Great Medical Card Service

Thank you for your time and speedy service so I can get the help I need quicker.  I would recommend this to many others, _Paul Avila

Submitted by Paul A on 08/26/2022

Helpful medical evaluations

The doctor was very helpful in addressing my issues and understanding my health situation. 

Submitted by Aaron M on 08/22/2022


Thank you very much

Submitted by Frank N on 08/17/2022

Amazing Service!

Dr. Scott helped me right away and got me what I needed, he was beyond nice! 

Submitted by Elizabeth M on 08/17/2022

Excellent service

I needed a medical card immediately for pain and I received excellent service from Happy MD 

Submitted by Donald E on 08/17/2022

Happy with happy mD!

The MMJ doctor got ahold of me right away , was very thorough, prompt and professional. Which I GREATLY appreciated. Very positive process. Would recommend most definitely!Many thanks

Submitted by Gary Pebley on 08/11/2022

Very Pleasant experience

Very fast to get back to me, made it easy for me to navigate through 

Submitted by Donna on 08/11/2022

Staying Happy

Thanks again Happy MD, as always helpful, fast, caring. i will continue to use your services. Staying Happy

Submitted by Ronald S on 08/10/2022


Very quick to respond back. Excellent service. 

Submitted by Tracie Guadiana on 08/09/2022


Couldn't have been easier. 

Submitted by Karen on 08/09/2022

Rudy's review

Happy MD made it cheap & super easy for me to take care of getting my 99 plant medical marijuana referral/ canibus card! I recommend them over any service because it let me fill out all the forms online & do my doctors appointment on the phone within a few minutes of completing the forms and payment! Thanks happy MD 

Submitted by Rudy on 08/08/2022


Very quick and easy answered all my questions and concerns. Happy to recommend to anyone in need. 

Submitted by Adriel F on 08/03/2022

Quick & Professional

Thanks for the quick and professional review of my application.  The discussion with the physician was respectful and clear-eyed.  I greatly appreciate this service!

Submitted by Joey K on 08/02/2022

Fast customer service

Great customer service 

Submitted by Daniel Barrabgan on 08/01/2022

Wonderful And Convenient

I wasn't sure about HappyMD at first because it was an online process.  My regular clinic is no longer in practice. But, the doctor that evaluated me was professional and kind.  I completed the required information and the doctor called me shortly thereafter. They really are legitimate like their websites says.  Directly ater the evaluation, I received my medical certification.  It was a very easy process and I didn't have to leave my home for an appointment. The fees are very reasonable as well. No waiting in a waiting room either.  I couldn't be happier!I highly recommend giving HappyMD a try.  I plan on renewing my med cert with them from this point forward.  

Submitted by Michelle on 07/26/2022

Quick and Easy

Found happy MD online And experienced a pleasant doctor on the other end a quick turnaround on request and I had my paperwork within 10 minutes I highly recommend the site

Submitted by Kathleen L on 07/26/2022


Thank you for calling me back 

Submitted by Elizabeth G on 07/19/2022


The process was very easy and the price is great too.

Submitted by Mnc on 07/19/2022

Fast and easy

Thank you for making this process easy and stress free. Thank you to the doctor for calling me and listening to me.

Submitted by Rachel on 07/18/2022

Phenominal service!

I'm not a regular cannabis user (since the 70's), but being plagued with artheritis and cancer in my "golden years", my adult kids have offered it to me for some relief. As I enjoy gardeing, people have offered me seedlings every year which I have declined. I'm convinced of the benefit for me in small amounts and didn't know where to turn to keep things on the "upand up".  I found this process to be easy and downright welcoming. My interview with the doctor was pleasant and encouraging. If I'd know how easy this would be I would have done it a long time ago. I'm grateful, and looking forward to this pain relief option without the stress of worrying about legal questions.Highly recommended!

Submitted by Robert D on 07/17/2022

Wow, that was easy

Like I said, that was easy. 5 stars

Submitted by Joyce on 07/16/2022


Fast and easy and very helpful .

Submitted by Janet A on 07/16/2022


Quick Review, doctor on time.

Submitted by Pena’ on 07/13/2022

Very Satisfied!

Quick, Easy, and Good Customer Service! 

Submitted by Alisha on 07/11/2022

Amazing place to be.

Very quick, straight forward, and a pleasure to a part of. Got me taken care of almost immediately, even on a Sunday afternoon. I will be sure to renew with them again next year.

Submitted by Spencer C on 07/10/2022


Thanks for the assistance and follow up.

Submitted by Terry Bknd on 07/09/2022

Overall satisfied

I had an easy one getting all my information filled out because it organized and easy. 

Submitted by Alyissa Baquera on 07/09/2022


The mmj doctor, was friendly, understanding and thoughtful. 

Submitted by Sandy on 07/07/2022

Best Medical Card application

Great service, respectful and easy steps to get your medical card.

Submitted by Jacob S on 07/03/2022


Filling out the info online was quick, no hassle & non-confusing.  Snapped a couple of photos, ID & headshot, submitted my medical information, payed by credit card and that was it.  Shortly thereafter, received a call from the physician with a few questions, and after approval, an email arrived with the PDF Recommendation.  Fast and effective.  Couldn't be happier.

Submitted by Dan Mullin on 06/28/2022

Medical marijuana card

Thank you all it was quick and easy. I was a bit confused at one point. I was thinking I still needed to fill out application information. Then realized I already did that via telehealth video. 

Submitted by Marilyn J on 06/26/2022

New Beginning

Thank you for all the help and great service that was given to me. Everything was excellent and timing was impeccable! Thank you guys for having me as a member of the team ????

Submitted by Robert P on 06/24/2022


Really fast and they were very nice awesome job.

Submitted by Millie J on 06/24/2022

Fast & Easy

AMAZING service and fast. Highly recommend!

Submitted by Fee on 06/23/2022

Very happy

Thank you for assisting me with this process! Very pleasant and helpful!

Submitted by Kimberly A D on 06/23/2022


Very easy instructions to follow. I missed the first call but an email accompanied it and had instructions on texting the doctor. I was relieved to know that I didn’t miss out due to a missed call. Doctor called me, asked a few questions and then made his decision. I will be renewing every year through this company for sure.

Submitted by Dee A on 06/23/2022


Nice customer service!

Submitted by Tor on 06/22/2022

Fast and easy

The application process was simple (online). A doctor called me fast. I wasn't able to answer but we spoke the next day. After our conversation, I received my digital card (physical card to follow). Low cost too. 

Submitted by Phan O on 06/21/2022

Happy patient at HappyMD

The doctor at HappyMD was a pleasure to work with. He was kind, compassionate and professional.  I received my medical cannabis recommendation quickly. I would recommend HappyMD to anyone wishing to obtain a recommendation for medical marijuana. 

Submitted by Nanette M on 06/21/2022

Very Fast!

Thank you for your time and your help. I really appreciate you guys and how fast you got back to me with immediate help!

Submitted by Shamari on 06/20/2022

Awesome quick friendly and professional

Exceptional Prompt friendly professional service great experience will be a returning customer thank YOU 

Submitted by Tonya Martinez on 06/20/2022


great service!! love this place

Submitted by Elizabeth on 06/19/2022

Thank you

This was a quick and simple process.I received a phone call minutes after completing the process from a very nice, compassionate Doctor. Asked me a couple of questions shared how their day was going (Great) BTW, and after the call I received an email with my mmj license attached.Thank you again. 

Submitted by Donald B on 06/16/2022

Awesome service

Kind friendly and awesome staff!!! Prompt service and great attitudes very pleased will be a returning customer 

Submitted by Tonya M on 06/15/2022

Best out of the best

super sweet and easy 

Submitted by Lili on 06/15/2022

Great Service

they evaluated me same day and were very professional and quick

Submitted by Bryan on 06/14/2022

Quick easy

Was quick and easy when I needed it thanks 

Submitted by Tfm on 06/12/2022

Herb is a magical plant

Thanks for your service I recommend 100 % ????????

Submitted by Eduardo Rodríguez on 06/11/2022

Dr. Scott rocks!

I had the pleasure of speaking to Dr. Scott who not only was kind, but funny as well.  He approved my renewal & it was a great experience.  Smooth transaction.Thank you!

Submitted by Jill R. on 06/11/2022


Easy peasy, just had to pay online with credit card and or that was it.

Submitted by Michael Moon on 06/10/2022

Happy Patient

Pleased with the service. Forms are simple and Dr. was patient and helpful.  

Submitted by Margo H on 06/09/2022

Now Happy thanks to HappyMD!

Smooth transaction!  Highly recommend!

Submitted by Rodger D on 06/08/2022

Great service

Kind Folks, helpful and fast.  

Submitted by Matt on 06/08/2022


Great login experience and easy to navigate. Received a call from an M.D after submitting application! 

Submitted by David on 06/06/2022

Amazing service

Very amazing service doctor was very helpful and help me answer questions I had and gave me his recommendations on why why help me best I appreciate the service. 

Submitted by Steven R on 06/05/2022

Highly recommend

Easy and fast. Very nice doctor.

Submitted by Debbie B on 06/02/2022

Happy md

Happy md  is the best with getting your medical history and getting the things you need thank you happy md

Submitted by Sharandel on 06/01/2022

Medical card

The process was fairly simple for an electronically challenged 60 year old, I did figure out how to fill out all the forms and answer all the questions, the Dr that called me was very pleasant and it was an easy process.Thank you HappyMD!Amy

Submitted by Amy Dalton on 06/01/2022

Happy convo

Thank you for your help with gastric paresis as well as Wilson’s disease Marijuana helps with it all especially nausea!. Thanks for the interesting conversation lol made my night I was comfused which is very easy to do!! Thanks  again

Submitted by April on 05/31/2022

Awesome service every time.

Doctors are great love coming to them trust them

Submitted by Michelle M on 05/30/2022


This was  fast and easy  

Submitted by Rob H on 05/28/2022

Quick and easy

I was able to get my mmj recommendation fast, great service

Submitted by Alexandra T on 05/27/2022

Happy patient

 I have received my medical card for many  years . Great communication . This was the friendliest and most professional I have dealt with. Thank you HappyMD!

Submitted by Jay on 05/26/2022

Thank you

II have not attempted to use the card yet, but so far everything was great.

Submitted by Jessie T on 05/25/2022

Thank you

Super fast call back dr was awsome..

Submitted by Always Fast on 05/25/2022

Still haven’t received my documents in the mail.

HappyMD has been slacking. It’s about to be 2 months once it hits 06/02/22 and I still haven’t received my documents or plastic ID. I barely get any responses, but when I do they tell me they’ll send out what I paid for right away or soon, but it’s been a long time and still nothing. In the time they’ve taken, I’ve received 6 packages, even 3 coming from CHINA and yet HappyMD still hasn’t sent me me anything. I’m unsatisfied with their customer service.

Submitted by Mac on 05/23/2022


At 1st I was skeptical and all my friends war 2 but after I went ahead and paid for it they're very professional very polite polite and you get your card instantly I will be returning when I need to renew it I recommend this to everybody

Submitted by Steven O on 05/23/2022

Happy patient

Everything went well and was very easy. 

Submitted by Cynthja on 05/21/2022


They did an amazing job with evaluating me 

Submitted by Kristine on 05/18/2022

Extremely Helpful and Very East

The Process was so easy and quick got it all done in about an hour. The Phone call was also very quick and easy. 10/10 experience would definitely recommend. 

Submitted by Hailey C on 05/17/2022

Great service

Very reasonly cheap transferred over to happy MG because my position doubles his price to $90 just closest quick and fast I would recommend it to anyone

Submitted by David Sfv on 05/09/2022

I'm happy

It was fast and easy and reliable I'm so happy 

Submitted by Gus on 05/06/2022


Love how fast it was

Submitted by David Gonzales on 05/04/2022

Excellent MMJ Evaluations Service

Quick and easy turn around time on getting my medical card.

Submitted by Felicia P on 05/03/2022


It went great , 

Submitted by Shakira on 04/29/2022

Awesome 420 Doctor

I was nervous he seemed like a really nice and chill guy I had a cool time talking to him.

Submitted by Mike J on 04/28/2022


Easy to do online. Waiting for my PDF. Price is good.

Submitted by Cynthia B on 04/28/2022


Quick experience, very kind workers. 

Submitted by Tannya F on 04/27/2022

Excellent mmj card evaluation!!!

It went very quickly, The doctor I talked with was very nice and was finished in no time, received the E-mail fast

Submitted by Randy on 04/24/2022

Excellent spot for my medical card

Customer service was Amazing.

Submitted by Rashad J on 04/22/2022


Quick and easy 

Submitted by Hes Solar on 04/22/2022


That's what HappyMD did for me to make me smile :).Thank you very much,

Submitted by Sheri D on 04/20/2022

Most excellent medical card service

I want to thank you for accepting me it was a pleasure talking to you 

Submitted by Nellie on 04/06/2022

Happy customer

Very good service,quick&efficient,This made positive difference Mahalo!

Submitted by Ms.falk on 04/04/2022

Turn Around Time

Thank you for the quick turnaround, very simple process!!

Submitted by Michael E on 03/31/2022

Awesome and easy to follow

Well I would have to say this was easy they had great communication and quick response time I will definitely recommend the services for my friends and family.

Submitted by Kari J on 03/29/2022


The forms were quick and easy.   The Doctor was pleasant.  I appreciate what you do.

Submitted by Ethel H on 03/26/2022

Great Service

Super nice guys, great service

Submitted by Rylie on 03/24/2022


Rate a 5 for helping with all my health issues and diagnoses.

Submitted by Michael F on 03/22/2022


It was easy and simple 

Submitted by Brandon on 03/21/2022

Great service

I am always happy to come back to HappyMD the service is always on par and legit. Great business everytime. I always feel they go there extra mile especially in their customer service. Top notch and top tier business in the California. The service is quick and easy. So glad to be back again. I would recommend them every time. 

Submitted by Amanda A on 03/17/2022

Trustworthy Fast and 100 Recommend

Excellent service

Submitted by Jvb on 03/15/2022

Thank You

I have been struggling with psoriasis and arthritis because of it. No injection or medication takes away the pain. This at least keeps me calm and I appreciate all that you do. 

Submitted by Lyndsey R on 03/11/2022

Easy and fast

It is that easy. Just go to the site. Fill out the application, Pay the money then send them some additional info and Done  Your good to go Thank you for making it easy

Submitted by Auto Sales on 03/11/2022

Its worth the money

Easy to sign up.  Payed.  Got worried. Thought it was a scam. 10 minutes later the doctor called and consulted me.  I am 100% satisfied with this service.   Thanks DT

Submitted by Dt on 03/10/2022

The best place to get help thank u very much.

They were fast easy the best place to get the help u need.

Submitted by The Clone Master on 03/09/2022


Nice and quick 

Submitted by Zach on 03/08/2022


Fast and easy!!  Prices are better than in town. Very pleased!

Submitted by Elizabeth G on 03/05/2022


Great straight forward service 

Submitted by Steves on 02/27/2022


Great service, they are very professional!  

Submitted by Natalia Reyes on 02/25/2022


The process is quick and easy. The evaluation is straight to the point, precise.

Submitted by Ashley on 02/25/2022

Great service

Nice job. Very friendly service.

Submitted by Yonatan Maldonado on 02/25/2022


Doctor was awesome thanks great service.

Submitted by Frederick on 02/23/2022

Good Doctors

My doctor was clear and very understandable with questions.  Thank you HAPPYMD.

Submitted by Robert L. on 02/21/2022

wonderful service!

Very polite and quick service, couldn’t be an easier process!

Submitted by Lily P. on 02/18/2022


Nice group of people

Submitted by Willie S on 02/18/2022

Great MMJ card service

Nice and polite 

Submitted by Charlie W on 02/18/2022

HappyMD is the real deal!

Great service - professional - quick. I really love the fact that I was at my dispensary and was able to get renewed by talking the doctor - was cool!

Submitted by Junior P on 02/18/2022


Always good service!

Submitted by Gas Sstation on 02/10/2022

Super Fast and Professional

Was sent a med card in the email the same day! Best way to get a med card!

Submitted by Raquel on 02/10/2022

Awesome medical cannabis card experience!

Thank you ???????? Very great service! 

Submitted by Yolanda on 02/09/2022


everything was perfect.

Submitted by Gabriela on 02/08/2022

Quick And Convenient

I appreciate how easy the site was to use and how I was able to get help quickly

Submitted by Austin Bishop on 02/08/2022

Obtaining my card

The process as a whole was amazing, so simple and no stress!!!!!

Submitted by Stephany on 02/07/2022

Great service

Very happy with this service. The responsiveness was very quick. The Dr was very friendly. Highly recommend!!!!!

Submitted by Autumn Turner on 02/04/2022

Thank You

They made this simple especially when you are dealing with pain chronically you don’t need another headache to get medication.

Submitted by Christine on 02/01/2022

Fast and Easy

Dr Scott was so quick to respond to my evaluation and do a quick phone call. Highly recommend 

Submitted by Caroline Dickson on 01/31/2022

Great service!

Provider was very helpful! Five stars! 

Submitted by Eduardo on 01/31/2022

Definitely RECOMMEND!

The process was super quick and no hassel. I am glad I made the right choice!

Submitted by G Viramontes on 01/28/2022

Fast and Easy

Happy MD made the process fast and easy! Highly recommend!

Submitted by Raul on 01/26/2022

HappyMD Review

Very pleased with HappMD doctors and service.

Submitted by Douglas on 01/25/2022

Thank you Happy MD crew

I am very impressed with, how easy and basically effortlessly was to obtain access to natural medicine that works for my arthritic pain. The dr was fantastic, he even called me after business hours to ask me about my medical symptoms. In summary, I will without hesitation recommend anyone who wishes to try this powerful natural medicine  to use happymd.org to receive access to use cannabis as a medical alternative. Thanks.

Submitted by Jan M on 01/25/2022


Overall great punctual very kind respectful friendly listen to my needs and understood. I would definitely recommend! I’m definitely coming back to renew my MMJ prescription here !

Submitted by Cherval on 01/19/2022

Awesome nice kind guy

My doctor was hilarious and was super kind and helpful. He deserves a raise 

Submitted by Emilia on 01/18/2022


WOW they are not playing around when they said it was quick and easy! Thx for my renewal.

Submitted by Torn S on 01/15/2022


Very caring and understanding.Professional Care !!! 

Submitted by Humberto on 01/11/2022

The Great Review

It's an absolute 5 star rating, it's fast and easy, and the doctors are very kind and consern for your health. THANK YOU DOCTORS!!!.

Submitted by Nicholas G on 01/10/2022


Had a great conversation with a doctor that answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend!

Submitted by Evelyn on 01/04/2022


The MMJ Doctor helped me get a med card so quick and easy. 

Submitted by Julia on 01/03/2022

My recommendation

Thank you been a patient for so very long my wallet was stolen my Rec was also but now I have it back thanks for your help

Submitted by The Minister on 12/24/2021

Tremendously helpful

Outstanding communication and knowledge of everything 10/10 would recommend!

Submitted by Anna on 12/22/2021

Great service

physician was really nice and made the process easy

Submitted by Sam on 12/18/2021

We will ALWAYS ONLY use this MMJ card company

The BEST customer service.  Paid and got approved for a card the same day and used it on the same day! Fantastik!!!.

Submitted by Chris E on 12/17/2021

Amazing and fast

Fast and easy services

Submitted by Tyler Feagan on 12/14/2021

Excellent Medical Card Service

I needed a medical marijuana card renewal and was taken care of right away.

Submitted by Belinda B on 12/11/2021


It was nice and easy and 

Submitted by Avl Looms on 12/09/2021

Excellent service and support

I have severe anxiety and panic attacks and even though it was able to get through the process relatively stress-free they respond quickly friendly people and it really is a super quick process I will be suggesting them to anyone who asks. Amazing service and staff

Submitted by Charles F on 12/08/2021

Easy peasy

Staff was very professional so easy 3 step process 5 min

Submitted by Price Holdings on 12/06/2021

Amazing consultation

Great conversation with the physician, was straight forward and extremely helpful!

Submitted by Michael P on 12/04/2021

Medical Marijuana Card

The doctor was very polite over the phone.

Submitted by Jenny A on 11/30/2021

Happy with HappyMD

Super easy process. The doctor was responsive and kind. 

Submitted by Srenee on 11/29/2021

Medical card

I was helped every step of the way and it was all in all a good experience. Thank you so much have a great one!

Submitted by Emilio Navarro on 11/28/2021

November Stream

Never thought this day would arrive. I used to hide behind the high school to get high, just to deal with life. It was complex...raised in 38 of the United States between 3 to 5 years, in a vehicle; 2 1/2 of those years in vehicles: and this was the easy part.Happy MD is prompt, on point and carries the utmost respect for their patients. They deserve 10 stars, but all they all is five: so double this review, OK?

Submitted by Geentide% on 11/19/2021

Amazing service

I filled out the required documents and sent in everything I needed to very easily. I got a call back the same day. (Very fast call back may I add) the doctor who gave me my evaluation was utterly kind as well.

Submitted by Sam M on 11/17/2021

Great Imformtion

The information was A+,  But the state of California wants a hell of a lot of money for anybody to be able to grow any amount of marijuana for themselves. If you grow more than that and need to get permit they're all up in your business.. They're making it so hard is it so hard for the ordinary person to be legal. And I wanna be legal and I don't want to go to jail. The restrictions are made for the corporations not the regular people. The ones who built the business

Submitted by Glenn Norton Jr on 11/16/2021

Fast and Easy

Registration process was easy and great customer service!

Submitted by Ivan Garcia L on 11/13/2021

Great service

They were really good at communicating the process. I appreciate their help and support. Thank you 

Submitted by Jonathan Caceres on 11/10/2021

Stress can be realistic

I happy to be able to get my cannivis  card.  

Submitted by Erik Nava on 11/06/2021

Tìm Nguyen

Service was excellent 

Submitted by Tìm Nguyen on 11/03/2021

Quick and easy

fast and excellent service, thank you

Submitted by Samantha Johnson on 11/01/2021


I'm in a different state and having problems with my Crohn's . The doctor from Happy MD made me feel welcome. I was a little stressed due to having an episode. The Dr was compassionate and professional.  He made me feel relaxed .  I want to thank him personally. You are second to none!!Christopher Gonzales 

Submitted by Christopher G on 11/01/2021

Medical card

Great doctor!! Fast and simple 

Submitted by Deon on 10/31/2021

Fast and easy

Didn’t had Togo anywhere 

Submitted by Andrew on 10/28/2021


The Doctor called and made me first of all feel calm talking to a doctor about the medication, but overall a VERY DOPE EXPERIENCE! Thank U HAPPY MD

Submitted by Incredible Work Llc on 10/22/2021


I am 18 and beginning my college life at UCSB. I struggle with chronic pain due to anorexia, migraines, and celiac disease. I also have a few mental health issues. They were so easy to contact and the doctor was so kind and helpful! The process was way easier than I could have imagined and I am so happy that I was able to receive help! I would highly recommend them if you are struggling with pain and would benefit from medical marijuana. 

Submitted by Em B on 10/21/2021

Quick and EZ

it was quick and easy hassle free. And I highly recommend them.The Dr. great thank you very much. 

Submitted by Mike G on 10/19/2021

First class service

The service is quick and easy with great customer service, first class.

Submitted by K.s. on 10/18/2021

Chelsea O

It was fast and I'm am satisfied

Submitted by Chelsea Ohagan on 10/18/2021

Great Medical Card Service

Was very easy and fast - thanks

Submitted by Juan A on 10/17/2021

1st. time Happy customer

The HappyMD staff is amazing. They were very helpful & friendly. I work in customer service, so I really appreciate the service when I am treated well.

Overall, this online doctor clinic is much more better than any of theo nes Ive tried so far. I highly recommend it to my friends, family, and to those reading this :)

Submitted by Alice A on 10/15/2021

Simple & Fast

Everything was easy and my doctor was super nice.

Submitted by J Li on 10/15/2021


Great professional doctor 

Submitted by Joseph Loor on 10/09/2021

So Easy

Filled out the form, paid and within 10 mins I was speaking with a Dr over the phone who asked me questions about my medical history. We discussed cannabis and he approved me. Dr was so nice too. Definitely a must! 

Submitted by Elizabeth on 10/07/2021

Amazing doctor and service! Highly recommend for those who are getting a card

The application online is easy to fill out and the doctor was amazing glad I went through HappyMD 

Submitted by Karson Kupferer on 10/06/2021

Happy with HappyMD

GREAT Service - I just renewed my growers medical card! The mmj doctor very pleasant and easy to talk to & he answered all of my questions

Submitted by Carla C on 10/04/2021

Great customer service!

Service was unbelievably great ! 

Submitted by John F on 10/01/2021

Very pleased patient

I am a happy camper, a stressed out migraine sufferer who got prompt and courteous service at Happy MD. The doctor is so kind and engaged, it is a pleasure to communicate with him.  Thank you for being here!  See you next year.

Submitted by Linda G on 09/27/2021

Got my mmj recommendation fast and cheap

signed up pretty late and they called me - got the interview done and the doctor emailed the rec - I used it just before the dispensary closed - SO clutch!!! The best Ive used online ever! Will def highly recommend - thanks

Submitted by Ricky R on 09/26/2021

HappyMD is legit!

HappyMD is legit, I thought it was a scam. at first - but I got my mmj growers recommendation! Thank you

Submitted by Angel C on 09/23/2021

Da best out there

Real easy 

Submitted by Roger on 09/15/2021

Thank you!!!

This was a GREAT EXPERIENCE!! Everything was perfect just as it says so easy doctor is intelligent and thorough IM VERY GLAD TOTALLY WORTH YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!

Submitted by Hannah M on 09/10/2021


Easy to do

Submitted by Javier Arellano on 09/09/2021

Pretty easy

Easy to do everything

Submitted by Javier on 09/09/2021

Awesome Doctor

Good experience . Highly recommended !

Submitted by Mike on 09/09/2021

First timer

Awesome service! The doctor really understood and helped me with the process!

Submitted by Isaac on 09/07/2021


easy and efficient

Submitted by Donald on 09/06/2021

Effective process

Effective process

Submitted by Lj on 09/05/2021


Great customer service and great turnaround time. Will definitely refer to friends and family. 

Submitted by Yn on 08/26/2021

Medical card

The correction was made in a very  timely matter. Thanks 

Submitted by Jae Song on 08/21/2021

Super happy

Super faster and secure 

Submitted by Joel on 08/19/2021

Real People

My experience with HappyMD was stress free and straight forward. I called to make sure there was a real person on the line and we did my assessment over the phone. I then went back to the website to fill out my paperwork.Don't waste time worrying. Call and get the help you need. I am confident you will have a good experience.

Submitted by Stephanie on 08/18/2021

Totally worth it!!

Submitted by Ralph T on 08/17/2021

Very professional

The doctor was very professional he made me feel quite at home and asked all the right questions I recommend Happy MD for anyone including my mother who is 68 years of age. Acquiring a California state card gives me peace of mind thank you so much you guys get five stars

Submitted by Marvaleen R on 08/16/2021

Awesome experience!

Easy application, immediate video chat with the doctor. And PDF is emailed for your instant use. HappyMD thank you!!!I highly recommend using HappyMD.

Submitted by Ronald Schuelke on 08/07/2021


HappyMd did a great job--very professional and little time to hear back from them

Submitted by Leroy P J on 08/05/2021

The best

I recommend going through happy MD for anyone who needs help getting their recommendation is easy they help you understand all of the rules and what needs to be done to comply and I have been a customer for a while now and plan on staying one forever

Submitted by Shinelle Austin on 08/02/2021

Thank you HappyMD

Awesome service, quick, and painless. I highly recommend using HappyMD to everyone!

Submitted by R. Schuelke on 08/01/2021

Good Good

Good Good Good 

Submitted by Patama on 07/31/2021


Great excellent good 

Submitted by Erik A Nerio on 07/30/2021

Easy Fast Process

Just moved back to California after being gone for 7 years, and the process to obtain a card was seamless, and easier than before. Many thanks  to HappyMD and the doctors!

Submitted by Ginny Moore on 07/30/2021

Excellent service

Very fast qualified happy customer

Submitted by Maria Rocha on 07/30/2021

Awsome service!

Thank you!!!

Submitted by John on 07/26/2021


Professional quick and caring . Appreciate it a lot . 

Submitted by Angelo on 07/23/2021

Happy camper

Needed my grow card and i had lost it.tried a bunch of sites and they were so hard to finsh out .tried one more this moring and when they said i was done i did not believe it .sure thing doc callef 10 mins later and 2 minutes after that had what i needed.took care of business like it should be.GREAT JOB

Submitted by Steven Hallauer on 07/20/2021


Great service, friendly, straight to the point. 

Submitted by Taryn on 07/18/2021

Excellent service

Service was excellent on their phone call 

Submitted by Raulrangel on 07/14/2021

Reliable speedy service!

Doctor was super nice service was crazy fast I highly recommended HappyMD.

Submitted by Eric C on 07/13/2021


Great staff. very prompt and "pain free" Thanks

Submitted by Melanie K on 07/12/2021

MMJ Doctors with Red noses??

Dont know why you why the red noses on here .. You made me smile ear to ear with HappyMD!! THANK YOU!

Submitted by Regina Croom on 07/12/2021


So quick so easy . and not to mention affordable. As well as all on line and only one phone call. Will definitely be sending anyone I can to these guys for their medical needs . thanx Happy MD.

Submitted by Regina Croom on 07/12/2021

Excellent Service & Very Timely

The process was very very quick, the doctor was extremely understanding and helpful.

Submitted by Julian Fraga on 07/10/2021

Cool mmj doctor

Very pleased with the communication with the mmj dr - easy getting my mmj card in santa cruz

Submitted by William Waltrip on 07/07/2021

I'm so Happy I can get my medication

I talked to the doctor of Happy MD I suffer from chronic back pain and arthritis he approved me for my medical marijuana card and now I can get my medication that I need

Submitted by Theresa Harris on 07/07/2021

Convenient and No Nonsense

I have this one my calendar for next year since these guys were so efficient and clear on what to do.

Submitted by Way Of The Compassionate Spirit on 07/06/2021

Fast simple

Thank you great service!

Submitted by Wild Flowers on 06/29/2021

Satisfied client

The service was amazing. I appreciate everything. So knowledgeable. Thanks

Submitted by Jonathan Harris on 06/28/2021

Happy with happymd

It was quick and easy got my grow card over the phone they sent me a email confirmation very happy and will be back next year 

Submitted by Alex on 06/21/2021

Awesome Clinic to get a Medical Card

I fell you have been very accommodating and respond very quickly thank you very much

Submitted by Vickie J on 06/13/2021

Awesome Service!!

Got my medical card the same day and went a dispensary - the thing ever!! I love it! Thank you so much!

Submitted by Oscar V on 05/06/2021

Good choice

It was very simple which is wonderful. 

Submitted by Sean Town on 05/02/2021


Very respectful quick an amazing help to get my card

Submitted by Alison J Nelson on 05/01/2021

What a relief

I signed up to receive my growers recommendation. Very happy with the service, especially considering it was a weekend. Thanks so much!!

Submitted by Robert on 05/01/2021

Good service

I got all my paper work within 20 minutes great doctors fast service and good price  

Submitted by Kellen Prince on 04/29/2021


Quick and efficient compared to having to wait in the waiting rooms when going in person highly recommend online

Submitted by Stephanie on 04/29/2021


Thank you for the ease of your system! Yes, the HappyMD left me a happy customer. My review is five stars all the way across. Thank you again for the great service I’ll be back next year

Submitted by Kathleen Armenteros on 04/28/2021

Happy Patient

The process to speak to a physician was easy and quick and also thorough and attentive.  

Submitted by Sharon Turner on 04/28/2021

Above the leaf tops

Dr. was patient with me and conscientious about making sure I got through the process proper...Words of encouragement...Abscence of judgement....I thank y'all...shalom.... 

Submitted by R.c. on 04/25/2021

Wonderful service, very friendly doctor!

I would recommend this service to any of my friends! It was quick easy and very helpful. 

Submitted by Kyle Rooney on 04/25/2021


Very great overall experience with staff and quickness 

Submitted by Khalil Freeman on 04/24/2021

The BEST 420 evaluations I ever had

Filled out the forms - and the doctor called me to ask some questions about my medical condition. He was thorough, kind, and experienced. He answered all of my questions. I get my recommendation texted within minutes I will def be referring family and friends! Thanks

Submitted by Carl K on 04/24/2021

Totally Happy!

Doctor was great and really felt like he cared. I got my medical card texted and emailed real quick!

Submitted by Jesus C on 04/21/2021

First time here

100% knowledgeable help me out the right way, thanks

Submitted by Rody on 04/20/2021

I thank God and the Doctors who approved me for my medical card

I thank God and the Doctors who approved me. I am in constant pain. I'm unable to take pain medication and the only thing that helps me is cannabis. The doctor listened to me and I just want to say Thank you. You guys are amazing. If I could I would give you 10 stars. Thank you again 

Submitted by Jada P on 04/19/2021

Happy to get a medical card

I had a little trouble at first when I tried to enter my  mobile phone number from My computer so I called the number on the form for tech issues .Went to my phone and started the process over again and I was successful .I almost wish I had gotten the 99 plant growers card but maybe next year . Thanks for your help !!!

Submitted by Don Lucas Construction on 04/17/2021

Super great Customer service

Very quick very efficient caring and understanding

Submitted by John H on 04/16/2021

Kenny p

Very helpful and professional service made easy

Submitted by Kenny on 04/16/2021

Super Legit - Fast Friendly and excellent Service

At first I was a little skeptical. So if you are feeling this way DON'T. Happy MD is a legitimate company and they work very quickly to get you your rec.  The doctor was friendly and happy and answered all of my questions. If you want an easy quick and painless experience getting a medical cannabis recommendation card then you need to immediately go and sign up.   You will not be disappointed. Thank you Happy MD - you're the best!!!

Submitted by Tiff O on 04/15/2021

Total gratitude

Total Gratitude I’m very pleased with the process that I went through and the doctor calling me and the type of card I was given. This place is incredible and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you again

Submitted by Jeffrey on 04/14/2021

Easy as 123

I was needing to get my 99 grower card , covid has made that a pain untill I found happy MD.all I can say was the first add I ever went to that acually did as said advertised would recommend for anyone wanting to get their cards in one day

Submitted by Self Employed on 04/13/2021

HappyMd is Real and made it a easy process!!

The doctors answer extremely quick and are very helpful and will answer all questions it is a great website.

Submitted by Damon on 04/13/2021

Hesperia medical cannabis card Charm

Easy, reliable, do it!

Submitted by Clasina M on 04/12/2021

MMJ Physician very helpful

Great help and excellent care for their patients!

Submitted by Austin W on 04/12/2021

Excellent service for medical recommendation

Excellent service - FAST N QUICK
Thank you,

Submitted by William P on 04/10/2021

Great experience

The process was fast. The Physician was professional, thorough and made me feel comfortable. Definitely a 5 star rating. 

Submitted by Roxanne Cerrasco on 04/08/2021

Fast and kind

Comfortable and swift experience. Would recommend.

Submitted by Potato Entertainment on 04/08/2021

Best service out there

Incredible fast respond and outstanding service. Highly recommended. 

Submitted by Justin S on 04/08/2021

Grateful customer

We have all I heard the expression “it just works“. This technique, this organization is simple painless and effective. It just works.

Submitted by Bruce on 04/06/2021


The doctor was really nice and understanding and the process was easier then I thought it would be, definitely will continue to go through them 

Submitted by Jon Seagrave on 04/06/2021

Easy and Compassionate

The process was easy and the doctor was compassionate to my medical condition. I would recommend.

Submitted by David on 04/06/2021

Comfortable vibes from Dr

Dr was very informative and helpful   I would recommend 

Submitted by Bajes Shakta on 04/06/2021

MMJ card

Great experience.Fast and easy

Submitted by Christine M on 04/06/2021

Good exp

Very easy and very helpful

Submitted by Sergio F on 04/06/2021

Growing license

Dr was amazing got back to me fast and was very nice .also answer all my questions

Submitted by Tabby on 04/05/2021

Fast, easy, & professional

Skeptical at first look, due to me just finding the site but everything was fast & professional. Got my medical card! Thanks.

Submitted by Jack on 04/02/2021

The truth

WOW!  these guys are really the truth. Happy md is ahead of the world they really know how to simplify and get straight to your Health straight to the point done dada. seasoned and very knowledgeable. This is the first time in my life I’ve wrote a review. There was extras I didn’t even know about that can only benefit my love ones and me????????????       CHEERS ????!!

Submitted by Kyle The Carpenter on 04/01/2021

Veteran with service connected disabilities

Survived the pandemic...I think..got both covid shots..did not visit strangers or family..now I will be able to cope with reality again...Growing my own cannabis will now allow me to know what I am ingesting...quality...or garbage...God bless America.

Submitted by Roberto C on 03/25/2021

Happy MD review

Quick responses, helped me get a medical card in just a couple easy steps. Doctor was very polite! Will be going through them again next year! 

Submitted by Darla S on 03/25/2021

Doctor review

Doctor was wonderful and efficient and got me my card as soon as possible and I thank him very much

Submitted by Heidi K on 03/25/2021

HappyMD is the BEST

What a great experience. So professional and quick. The physician I worked with was incredible! He made the entire process simple I could really tell he cared and wanted me to be informed as much as possible. What great service. I got verified within the 20 minutes of my phone call. No hassle great customer service. I will be recommending HappyMD to everyone I know. Plus they won a lifetime customer in me. #ImReal :)

Submitted by Amanda A on 03/24/2021

Fantastic Experience!

Quick and EASY process! I will definitely renew with HappyMD next year... 

Submitted by David on 03/22/2021

"Happy" M.D.

Fast  Proffesional service, and from the comfort of your home.

Submitted by Jr. on 03/17/2021

Fantastic doctor

My physician was amazing. Can’t say enough great things about him. Thank you so much 

Submitted by Jamahl L on 03/12/2021


Thank you for your excellent and empathetic Dr CallThey listened and asked very pertinent questions.  Very professional organization

Submitted by Kirk D on 03/11/2021


Just amazingly easy, Professional and comprehensive to the realities of personal trauma and understanding this community that wishes to stay away from Opiates in order to treat chronic conditions. This is a great way to stay in legal standings with today's environment. Thank you so much for working with me and my limitations.

Submitted by Mario M on 03/11/2021

Easy Peasy

Very professional and caring. Thank You 

Submitted by Kellie M on 03/07/2021

Outstanding service

The doctor was friendly and professional

Submitted by Tom on 03/02/2021


Dr Eric was on the phone with me before I had even finished processing the paper work and we had a very informative discussion where he even gave me some advice for my condition. This was about as easy as it gets thank you so much.

Submitted by Michael U on 02/27/2021


Took only minutes after speaking with a Dr. I can now grow my medicine up to 99 plants legally. So grateful for this at the price. I'm still in AWE...

Submitted by Jane E on 02/23/2021

Online and easy.

I needed my rec quicklyI am paralyzed on my left side from stroke.Transportation is not easy for me too arrange.This service was a godsend.Thank you, HappyMD medical clinic.

Submitted by Danntonette V on 02/22/2021

Very Knowledgeable!!

I was very pleased with my consult with the Dr. He put me at ease with the high quality of knowledge that was delivered. I have not used marijuana since high school and I am a cancer survivor. He schooled me on the different strains, benefits and strains. The hubby and I will be headed out this afternoon to find a dispensary in our area.Thank you!!

Submitted by Cassandra on 02/22/2021

Thank you

Thank you for being so kind and helpful you guys have such wonderful doctors and staff.

Submitted by Gregory on 02/18/2021

Quick and thorough

Great service and quick response.  Dr. Made it very easy especially during covid.  100% satisfied.  Thank you! 

Submitted by Sam B on 02/09/2021

EXCELLENT Place to Get a Medical Card

QUICK AND EASY & I got my medical marijuana card

Submitted by Sandra R on 02/05/2021

Excellent Service

The doctor excellent the process excellent the price excellent the results excellent 

Submitted by Christopher C on 02/04/2021

Extremely satisfied

On line application is quick and easy. Dr Scott was very helpful and informative. He answered all our questions diligently and intellectually.

Submitted by Puri B on 02/02/2021


I am pleased and satisfied with the direct phone dialogue with the very patient and professional information Dr. Scott Provided my wife and I. Totally 5-Star satisfaction!

Submitted by Al on 02/02/2021


Good services 

Submitted by Guadalupe on 02/01/2021

Quick MMJ Evaluation

It was great and I love how quick it took thank you.

Submitted by Cindy on 01/28/2021

Fast and the staff was helpful

The doctor who interviewed me was great he answered all my questions and them some i am happy to be a Happymd patient

Submitted by Monte S on 01/28/2021

Thanks Doc.

Super nice guy, down to earth. Had a nice effective convo and got everything sorted out or my Santa Cruz medical marijuana card renewal. Would recommend to others.

Submitted by Ryan on 01/27/2021

Quick n Fast MMJ Recommendation

Great and very easy to process and renew my medical marijuana card online!

Submitted by Jacob H on 01/25/2021


I hit up this place while looking for my medical cannabis card in Los Angeles. The doctor was great. The support team was easy to deal with. They gave me the discount even after it was over - I call it my COVID relief - thanks!

Submitted by Hector N on 01/22/2021

Knowledgeable Doctor , Some Technical Difficulties

The Doctor is very knowledgeable, and compassionate. He gets it. He has his finger on the pulse of his patients conditions that require the true reliefs for those of us who suffer every day. It is quite important people have alternative means of obtaing the medicine we know really works, and doesn't help to overcome our conditions. However I have to admit there was some difficulty i experienced with attempting to upload my information via the website. But, I'm confident we'll work it out. And their prices are very competitive for this area...

Submitted by Craig P on 01/22/2021

Medical renewal

Very professional, courteous and people friendly I enjoyed my experience even with COVID going on.

Submitted by Joshua G on 01/19/2021

Fast, knowledgeable and professional

The doctor is super cool and very knowledgeable. He was very keen in answering my questions. I was able to print out a PDF of my recommendation letter within 5 minutes after speaking with HappyMD and used it at my local dispensary local dispensary. I got my card and letter in the mail 2 days later.. Thanks for helping me with this!

Submitted by Steve P on 01/05/2021

Awesome clinic!

Quick, helpful, professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff and doctors. I am extremely happy with my experience at HappyMD and will definitely refer my friends and family. Renewals will be a breeze as they also have online evaluations.

Submitted by J.d. on 11/19/2020

Very humble doctor,

Very humble doctor, he explained and help me understand and he was very kind as well. I felt comfortable and it's a very private setting and quiet, very relaxed environment. I recommend this place for a renewal. Or if it's your first time getting evaluated this is the best place to go for all your questions

Submitted by Maria H on 11/19/2020

Highly recommend!

The Dr is very knowledgeable about medical cannabis for different conditions

He was quick and thorough.

Easy online process - got my recommendation texted to me

I used a coupon and got a deal - so Im pumped and def HAPPY!

Submitted by Christoph S on 11/16/2020

Great Service

Very fast and professional service. I saw the doctor online while I was at home. This is my second mmj rec with this company - def recommended

Submitted by Eddie C on 11/16/2020