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Can THC or CBD Lube Improve Your Libido

Can THC or CBD Lube Improve Your Libido

See if THC or CBD Lube Improve Your Libido

Libido is one of the most underrated topics regarding sexual life and physical attraction. Many couples and partners find the topic the main source of issues and insecurity in the bedroom. Studies show that most people assume that personality and appearance are the basic factors that influence relationships, confidence, and body image. Besides these factors being key in any relationship or marriage, many individuals suffer or have sexual life complications, including poor sexual drive or low libido. Unfortunately, many individuals fail to diagnose this problem earlier.


Study findings show that not everyone will have a high or normal sex drive. Despite the underlying issue that comes with many individuals not knowing that the problem exists, those with the condition are usually confused. Most people with low libido reveal that they get confused about what to do after discovering the condition.


With technological advancement and medical industry development, we’ve got a wide range of solutions to this complication. Most individuals are considering manufactured, prescription, or natural sex enhancement & libido boosting products to salvage the situation. Despite the availability of these options or alternatives, experts reveal that personal experimentation is vital to determine the satisfaction and efficacy of the preferred alternative.


However, the process of trying different products over time becomes expensive, stressful, and time-consuming. Furthermore, you may even fail to find the appropriate alternative or solution to help you with your declining sex drive.


Importantly, marijuana is developing into one of the most effective natural alternatives for your sexual life. Cannabis is one of the most potent and natural plants individuals have used for a long time to enjoy its different therapeutic benefits. For instance, many individuals have used cannabis as an aphrodisiac in Ayurvedic medicine to enhance their sexual life and bedroom performance.


Marijuana has gained popularity in the medical community to help alleviate severe pain, act as a pain reliever, etc. Despite the numerous health benefits, this drug also comes with some notorious adverse effects. Marijuana contains CBD and THC, natural cannabinoids that enhance a wide range fo body functions, including enhancing proper functioning of reproductive functions, sexual desires, and overall sexual health.


This article provides a comprehensive guide to the science and basic facts about the effects of CBD & THC lube on libido.


Understanding Sex Drive and Low Libido


Libido is a common contributor to multiple psychological issues, including low self-esteem. While not everyone experiences poor sex drive or finds it hard to perform in bed, the statistics are quite alarming. Remember that most individuals find it hard or embarrassing to discuss the issue, which makes the majority suffer in silence.


Contrary to the belief that low libido only comes in men, women may also experience challenges having a satisfactory sexual or bedroom life. However, it might not be as popular or a common conversation, like low libido in men. While experts might recommend other prescription medications, marijuana remains the best natural remedy.


Marijuana, especially CBD, maybe the best answer when struggling with physical intimacy or poor sexual performance. Many individuals who have used it before have revealed that taking marijuana responsibly helps to reignite the sparks and revive sexual performance.


Marijuana Cannabinoids and Sexual Performance


In the ancient days, most individuals associated decreased sexual desire with regular marijuana use. Furthermore, little scientific evidence and studies have supported this claim in the past years. While most studies have supported the fact that marijuana use has an adverse effect on libido and sexual life, some researchers suggest otherwise.


The different studies and findings make it hard to understand the truth about the whole issue. Nevertheless, let's dig deeper into what medical and scientific research say about marijuana use and sex drive. It’s a proper guide to separate the truth or facts from assumptions.


The numerous factors that can affect an individual's sex drive make it one of the complex topics. Many factors, including external and unrelated activities, can affect your sex drive. Experts reveal that various factors, such as diet, pain, depression, anxiety, and sleep, might affect your sex drive. These factors affect your sexual drive by altering your ability to perform or react as you expect while in the right mood.


While marijuana can decrease or improve libido, your sexual desired effects will depend on various things or components. Experts reveal that sexual desires depend on the marijuana type or strain you choose. Consuming the right strain and amount of weed can help improve your libido. However, while using marijuana to improve your sexual performance, there are various drawbacks you have to consider.


THC and CBD are the most studied and popular cannabinoids in marijuana. These cannabinoids interact with specific ECS receptors (CB1 & CB2) across the body and brain. The body's endocannabinoids resemble the cannabinoids; the only is the location of production.


CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body will bind with the endocannabinoid before interacting with the ECS’s cannabinoids. The interaction will regulate various aspects of the reproductive response and human sexual function.


Marijuana contains a wide range of cannabinoids responsible for various physiological, mental, and physical systemic responses in the body. When looking at marijuana and sexual performance, it'll be vital to understand how these cannabinoids interact with the reproductive organs, system, and sex hormones.


Marijuana Cannabinoids and Male Sexual Drive


The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is vital for coordinating various body functions. The system has various cannabinoid receptors vital in regulating various bodily functions. Remember, these are the same receptors that interact with the body’s cannabinoid receptors. After the male takes marijuana, the cannabinoids enter the system and attach to the receptors for reproductive health. Thus, the interaction between the marijuana cannabinoid and the endocannabinoid will influence your system and its functionality. Particularly, the interaction target reproductive hormone and libido


Besides helping in muscle and overall body development, consistent hormones are also important to enhance your sexual health and life. These hormone helps to enhance emotions and improve sex drive and performance. However, some effects like environmental concerns, lifestyle factors, and aging may affect the consistency of these hormones. These factors can lead to an extreme or premature decline in the production of the sex hormone affecting or stimulating male libido.


Like other body systems, it’ll be vital to attain homeostasis or balance for the sexual or reproductive system to perform at an optimum level. Cannabis may be the most effective and natural way to enhance balance. However, while taking marijuana is good to understand that the marijuana plant has higher amounts of cannabinoids, which can disrupt the balance or homeostasis. Instead of helping, the disruption of the imbalance may negatively affect the male reproductive health, including fertility, libido, and sex drive or performance. Studies show that taking marijuana in moderation has some sexual health benefits in males.


Relationship between Marijuana Cannabinoid and Female Sexual Performance or Drive


Like other body parts, the female reproductive system has the ECS component in the ovaries. Marijuana cannabinoids may function differently in women. These cannabinoids work by triggering the system to release exogenous cannabinoids, which are responsible for regulating all the processes and stages in the ovarian cycle. These processes involve ovarian endocrine secretion, folliculogenesis, placentation, and uterine decidualization. Besides these processes, cannabinoids also influence sex hormones.


CBD is a marijuana cannabinoid that interacts freely and favorably with the female reproductive system. The marijuana cannabinoid interacts by modulating some receptors and androgen production and balances estrogen levels. The cannabinoid action on the two major sex hormones in ladies (estrogen and androgen) enhances sexual drive in ladies.


Factors that Affect Female & Male Sexual Drive and Libido


Evidence shows that controlling your emotional and health-related issues is the best way to spice up your bedroom performance. These issues are some of the indirect factors affecting or influencing your sex drive and performance. Some studies also reveal that aging might lead to a natural decline in sex drive and performance. Remember, hormonal imbalance, high-stress levels, pain, and prescription medication are some mood killers that kill your sexual drive.


Depending on multiple factors, libido is a key sexual health characteristic that fluctuates naturally or varies in different individuals. Lastly, personal habits, mental health, hormone imbalance, relationship issues, and sleep deprivation may influence your sex drive. Importantly, marijuana offers multiple therapeutic benefits to counteract these factors or concerns and enhance your libido.


Anxiety and low libido


Experts reveal that anxiety is one of the main and common triggers of low libido in women and men. We’ve got various sex-related anxiety disorders that manifest differently among the affected individuals. Regardless of the activity or stimulation method, most of these individuals will have compromised sexual desires. In other individuals, sexual anxiety may lead to failure to orgasm/climax, ejaculation issues, male erection complications, and difficulties in natural female lubrication & arousal.


The stress and worrying about sex in others usually trigger sexual performance anxiety. Performance anxiety makes it hard to enjoy and have a better sexual experience. In some cases, the anxiety is usually severe, making it hard for the individual to concentrate. Even conventional medication/ therapies or behavioral adjustments won’t help to improve sexual drive and performance during this time. Experts reveal that genophobia is the condition that takes over individuals with anxiety and fear in intimate situations and settings.

 Can THC or CBD Lube Improve Your Libido

Hormonal imbalance and libido


Studies show that hormones greatly impact sexual interests, thoughts, and performance. Despite the huge list of other factors that can enhance or reduce your sexual drive, hormone change is the common factor that affects or disrupt your sex life more than libido. Despite the variation in hormone levels and activities resulting in different sexual drives among various individuals, other factors like moods, sleep, appetite, and sleep., may trigger the secretion and functioning of these sex hormones.


Hormone deficiency is a common cause of low libido or sexual drive in women and men. Age can also be another causal factor, as most women's natural sex drive starts declining as they approach middle age. During this time, andropause, menopause, and perimenopause occur between 40 and 55 years.


With the significant changes in testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen, most women at this age will start having or feeling decreased sex drive or energy. While sexual hormone levels decrease, most ladies will start developing various mood disorders. Experts reveal that some health conditions like medical procedures (hysterectomies) or pregnancy may also affect the balance of hormones that affects sex drive. Nevertheless, in men, hormone imbalance and lower sexual drive cause a decrease in muscle mass and performance issues.


Stress and sex drive


Experts classify stress as an immediate libido dampener. Stress leads to a wide range of body effects on the different systems, organs, or hormones. The combination of cortisol (stress hormone) and other factors that affect libido affects women's and men's mental & physical ability to perform sexually. With anxiety being the main stress trigger, taking CBD products with anxiolytic benefits will help reduce the body’s stress response. Furthermore, these products can work as libido boosters and mood stabilizers.


Erectile Dysfunction and Libido


Despite the numerous effects of low libido in men, erectile dysfunction is common. Experts reveal that the condition is a significant source of poor confidence, performance anxiety, and stress. While erectile dysfunction is common and normal for men, the condition can be severe, affecting your sexual life. In severe cases, most men may find it difficult to have erections despite being sexually excited.


Prolonged erectile dysfunctions may be signifying possible physical, medical or psychological conditions. Physicians may prescribe various medications, assistive devices, and therapies to alleviate the conditions. With numerous properties that enhance blood circulation, medical marijuana treatment can help counter these effects.


Can You Use CBD-rich Lube to Enhance Organisms?


Marijuana is popular in the medical community due to its mood enhancement and anxiety. Further studies reveal that marijuana has a psychoactive compound (THC) that helps to alleviate negative thoughts and enhance moods. Alleviating negative thoughts that may happen during sex wil be vital to enhance your sex drive and improve libido.


Nevertheless, high THC amounts in males can potentially cause negative impacts. These impacts may affect or interfere with various physical responses that enhance sexual performance.


In contrast, CBD is a non-psychotomimetic marijuana cannabinoid with high efficacy and properties to alleviate anxiety disorders. While alleviating anxiety disorders, it helps to enhance libido and sex drive.


Certain research focusing on the effects of CBD on anxiety shows taking between 300 mg and 600mg CBD doses reduces anxiety symptoms. This study represents one of the numerous medical and scientific studies on CBD association with various health issues, including anxiety. Most studies show that marijuana has various therapeutic and positive impacts on common mood disorders, including anxiety. The positive impacts on mood disorders and anxiety help enhance your sexual issues.


Nevertheless, the strain you choose and the method of consumption will affect the results. Most studies show that you’ll enjoy optimal results when you consume them via food, smoking, and vaping to relieve pain or reduce inflammation.


Benefits of Using the THC and CBD Lube For Libido


Many individuals have used CBD to alleviate a wide range of hormonal irregularity effects to enhance sexual desire. These effects include poor sleep, anxiety, stress, etc. Despite the limited research, evidence shows that you can use CBD and THC as lubricants. Nevertheless, many individuals rely on cannabidiol products, including THC & CBD lubes and suppositories, to boost sexual interactions and libido.


Let’s look at the benefits of using CBD and THC lube for libido.


Increases lubrication


Cannabis-infused sexual lubricants offer the best solution to ladies struggling with vaginal dryness that leads to discomfort and pain during sex. The pain and discomfort resulting from vaginal dryness make it hard for some ladies to enjoy their sexual life.


Experts links painful sex frequently occurring to health or physical factors in menopausal and middle-aged ladies. Studies show that this condition (dyspareunia) affects approximately 18 % of adult women. Besides causing painful sex, the condition results in emotional and physical distress. Distress may impact libido relationships, body confidence, and overall quality of life.


Prevents Erectile Dysfunction


CBD-based lubricants are vital to helping men find it hard to achieve and maintain erections. Research shows that using a CBD lube improves the reproductive system function by enhancing blood flow, helping to alleviate erectile performance, and improving performance time.


Remember, optimizing blood flow and circulation in ED patients is vital in improving their condition. Some studies show that consuming Sativa strains has effectively supported ejaculatory sensation and function.


Enhances nerve sensitivity


THC and CBD have some specific properties that improve nerve function. Studies links decreased sensitivity to low sexual performance and libido. However, anecdotal evidence reveals that enhanced cellular communication and increased blood flow amplify nerve signals, pleasure sensations, and communication.


You can improve your sexual arousal by applying CBD lubes to the genitalia. In addition, the application makes it easy for ladies to orgasm or climax while making men perform better. CBD has various properties that make it alleviate discomfort, promote muscle relaxation, reduce inflammation and enhance libido & pleasurable sensations. Thus, CBD-infused will help increase natural vagina wetness in ladies and stiffer erection in males to make the sexual experience more pleasurable.


Appropriate Way to Use Marijuana Lubricant to Boost Sexual Performance and Libido


It’ll be wise to consider the type of sexual activity before using THC and CBD-infused lube to enhance your sexual experience. You can use personal lubricants to suit your masturbation and other sexual needs. When choosing these lubes, it’ll be wise to understand the pros and cons of each lube. Below are the common sex lubes:


● Aloe vera


● Water-based


● Petroleum or oil-based


● Silicone-based


Furthermore, don’t forget to check the materials of the condoms and toys you choose the lubricant for. Experts recommend water-based lubricant as the most effective and safest, especially if you have latex or chemical allergies. Nevertheless, it’ll always be vital to choose a lubricant that’s compatible with your preferences.


While topical application on the penis or vagina provides the best optimal administration for the best sexual benefits and libido enhancement, some individuals have reported positive sexual enhancement effects from other methods. These methods include cannabis-infused suppositories, vaping, smoking, and eating.


You can consider the following techniques to administer and use cannabis lubricants safely:


● Apply the marijuana lubricant on the hand before having it on your genital region


● Before using, apply the lube to your personal sex toys


● Pour some lubricant on the genital (penis) before and after using the condom


● Apply directly to the vagina or penis before sexual intercourse


● Insert your preferred cannabis lube into the orifice before sexual intercourse


Besides this method, we've got alternative methods, including topicals, edibles, smoking, and extracts you can consider. It’ll be wise to use a consumption form working best for you to guarantee optimal results. Remember, not everyone considers lubrication as the most appropriate way. Still, many individuals consider this method as it helps alleviate symptoms and health issues that make it hard to enjoy your bedroom activities. Remember, positive libido effects enhance sexual perks.


Can Marijuana Lube Help You Get the Groove Back?


Studies show that many individuals rely on marijuana-infused lubes to enhance their sexual stamina, performance, and response. Despite the numerous negative connotations and associations with the marijuana plant, scientific evidence shows that it has a compound that lowers stress levels. Furthermore, the marijuana cannabinoid interacts with the ECS receptors to enhance vital systems in the brain and the reproductive organs, enhancing your sexual response and performance.


When you feel low sexual interest, unpleasant reactions or sensations or performance-related issues when having intimacy, it’ll be good for a physician. The medical doctor should rule out common disorders and diseases that prescription medication can alleviate. Treating the root cause will be vital in restoring libido. You can also consider THC and CBD lubricants to help you enhance your sexual desire and improve your low libido.


Marijuana offers many therapeutic benefits to the body, including enhancing libido and sex drive. You can consider the THC or CBD lube to spice up your bedroom matters. Getting a medical marijuana card will be vital to accessing these products. HappyMD offers a straightforward & cost-effective process for applying for and getting your medical marijuana card online. Get your MMJ card with us in a few minutes to allow you to purchase these products to enhance your sexual or bedroom activities.


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